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These are our photos from Budapest, Hungary.  We live in an apartment on Logodi Street adjacent to the castle district from 12 Jan to 14 Mar 07.  We have 61 days to take daily trips visiting sites dating from 110 AD. 

Here we are with our hosts (apartment owners) and friends Zoli and Ami. We enjoyed two meals with them during our visit to their beautiful country. We talked much about Hungary and Colorado. They are wonderful to us and provide all our apartment and information needs.

This is the apartment building we live in until the middle of March 2007. From here we take daily walking, bus and metro trips around Budapest and outlying areas.

This is our kitchen-dining area.

Wow, it's 12 Jan 07, our first day in Budapest. After a long day and night of travel and settling into our apartment, we immediately set out to see a bit of Budapest. Here's Lori on Castle Hill, the Buda side of Budapest, overlooking the Danube to Hungary's Parliament (1884-1902).

12 Jan 07 Inside an arched hallway of Fisherman's Bastion (1895) on Castle Hill.

12 Jan 07 Looking over the Chain Bridge (1839-1849) from Buda into Pest.

13 Jan 07 Lori in the Moszkva Ter metro stop of Budapest.

13 Jan 07 Parliament building from Castle Hill.

13 Jan 07 Chain Bridge and St Stephen's Basilica (1851-1905) from Castle Hill.

14 Jan 07 Ruins of the Roman Town of Aquincum, established circa 110 AD. Aquincum was built around natural hot baths.

15 Jan 07 The Crest of King Matyas Corvinus from 1470, now in the Matyas Church (first built between the 13th and 15th centuries and restored in neo-Gothic style 1873-1896) on Castle Hill. The Soviets used the church santuary as a stable and the lower chapel as a field kitchen following WW II.

14 Jan 07 Hungarian salami for sale at Aquincum.

15 Jan 07 Chain Bridge across the Danube looking into Pest from Buda.

15 Jan 07 Stone Carving on column dating 1260 in Matyas Church. This is the oldest stone carving in the church.

15 Jan 07 Peter at large gate in Budapest building on the Danube.

17 Jan 07 St Stephen's Basilica (1851-1905) dedicated to St Stephen, built Neo-Classical style. The dome is visible all over Budapest.

17 Jan 07 Lori with her little dream car, a Smart Car. Most of the automobiles here are very small with efficient, small engines.

17 Jan 07 Fruit stand in the central market hall in the Pest side of Budapest. Built in 1896 this market was once Budapest's central location for meats and produce coming in from the countryside. It's a bustling center of activity open 12 hours a day, six days a week.

Above Photo: 17 Jan 07 Image of Christ on the cross in St Stephen's Basilica. Lower Photo: 17 Jan 07 Small tiles make this mosaic image of Christ, perhaps 100' off the floor of St Stephen's Basilica. To see it in real life is stunning.

17 Jan 07 Smoked pig and salami in the central market in Pest.

21 Jan 07 Peter & Lori on the Erzsebet Bridge looking across the Danube into Pest.

23 Jan 07 Lori on train to Sopron, Hungary.

23 Jan 07 Budapest Keletti Train Station catching our train to Sopron.

23 Jan 07 Szent Gyorgy Templom in Sopron was built in 1300 and restyled in Baroque in 1700. Under the church we walked through the crypt and and tunnels built in the 1300 century--we were the only ones in the church. The church was much too dark inside to take photos.

23 Jan 07 Roman town Scarabantia dating 100-300 AD built on a Celtic town dating 400 BC. Today's Sopron of 60,000 people is built on the Celtic, then Roman, settlement.

23 Jan 07 Templom at Sopron on on Templom Utca.

23 Jan 07 Early Gothic (1280-1300) Kecske Templom and Holy Trinity Column at Fo Ter Sopron.

25 Jan 07 The Basilika (1856) at Esztergom, Hungary's largest, stands on a hill overlooking the town. It's Chapel is dated 1506.

25 Jan 07 Castle built on a Roman Fortress above the Danube in Esztergom.

25 Jan 07 At Esztergom's fortress these old church bells are on display. The first on the left is dated 1499; the second is dated 1481.