12TH PAGE -- Thailand

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11 Nov 07 This photo adds a lot of color to this site, yes? These are Koi fish on sale in Chatuchak Market, Bangkok's largest market. Josh took us to the market--we used water taxies, Skytrains and Subways to get to and from the market.

12 Nov 07 This is typical of Bangkok's electric and telephone cables above the streets.

12 Nov 07 Lori stands at a Bangkok policeman's motorcycle--a 200cc "Tiger Boxer."

12 Nov 07 These are homes along a canal in Bangkok. The canal is heavily used by water taxis. Most of the people in Thailand have very little, but they nearly all work. Only those proportionate very few that are severely handicapped don't work--those with leprosy and missing arms and legs. There is no hand-out to those who don't wish to work!

12 Nov 07 This is part of what you see when you look out Josh & Cindy's balcony at night!

18 Nov 07 This is how the Thais see us! We had this caricature drawn at the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok.

14 Nov 05 We've just arrived to Kanchanaburi, Thailand, where the Bridge Over River Khwae was built and many years later, the film was made. This is our little fan room we stayed in for Baht 150 ($4.50) a night.

15 Nov 07 Here's a fruit stand in one of Kanchanaburi's three main markets. The woman running the stand happily had her photo taken.

15 Nov 07 This scene looks southeast from a road bridge 1/4 mile south of the famous rail bridge over River Khwae.

15 Nov 07 Little statue in the garden entrance to our little fan room in Kanchanaburi.

15 Nov 07 We see few insects in Thailand cities. We see them deep-fried for eating, but not too many on the streets. This big guy we spotted and photographed in Kanchanaburi.

15 Nov 07 This is the famous Bridge Over River Khwae. To build the "death" rail line from Burma into Thailand, the Japanese used forced labor--over 1600 allied POWs and 100,000 southeast Asian prisoners and citizens were killed or died of deprivation and disease to build the 200-plus kilometer line. The first bridge, all wood, was completed Feb 1943. This steel bridge was completed, replacing the wood bridge, in Apr 1943. It was bombed several times by Allied planes in 1945 and was rebuilt after the war. Portions of the bridge are those of the original 1943 steel bridge.

16 Nov 07 Here's the cook and waitress of our favorite little eatery in Kanchanaburi. Our lunches here cost us less than 70 cents each.

16 Nov 07 Thai graves in a cemetery in Kanchanaburi.

16 Nov 07 Chinese graves in a cemetery in Kanchanaburi.

16 Nov 07 We found this old and poorly-maintained statue and decorative boat on the grounds of a Buddhist temple in Kanchanaburi.

16 Nov 07 We're crossing the river on a little ferry on the southwest side of Kanchanaburi. We rented this small motorcycle for $4.50 a day and drove it all over Kanchanaburi and to areas south and southwest.

16 Nov 07 Here's Lori with a young Thai motorcycle policeman. We followed him out in the country and asked for a photo when he stopped. We find the Thai police to be most polite and helpful to us.

16 Nov 07 This 20' relief is high on a building of an old Buddhist temple in the countryside hills southwest of Kanchanaburi.

16 Nov 07 This is one of the motorcycle gas stations we used in Kanchanaburi. We filled the motorcycle tank three times while we were there.

16 Nov 07 This view looks northwest across a road bridge south of Kanchanaburi. Burma is across the far mountains.

19 Nov 07 We're back in Bangkok and visiting Chinatown. It's a huge, bustling, non-stop activity. In an hour, and moving only 120 feet we photographed 125 Vespas of all colors. Most were workhorses, fitted with large carrying racks.

19 Nov 07 This young Thai was happy to have his photo taken with his Vespa.

20 Nov 07 Traffic in Bangkok never stops. Here's Bangkok's night traffic, with a walkway across Sukhumvit showing the King of Thailand, in celebration of his 80th birthday (5 Dec).

20 Nov 07 McDonald's is indeed a world-wide institution. Here's Lori, with Ronald McDonald in Bangkok, giving the Thai greeting "Sa-wat-dii-kha."

23 Nov 07 We've taken a 15-hour night train to Chiang Mai in far north Thailand. This monk is decorating the entrance to Chieng Mun Buddhist Temple in preparation for Loi Krathong, a several-day festival scheduled around the full moon. The riverbanks are crowded with people sending thousands of candle floats down the river, there are parades and fireworks, traditional dancing, concerts, and all across the city, people send hundreds upon hundreds of candle-heated luminaries (balloons) into the sky. Oh, and great food everywhere!

23 Nov 07 Here's a tree of lights with the near-full moon showing and a candle-heated balloon rising in the sky. The hundreds of balloons we saw measured 20 to 30 inches in diameter.

23 Nov 07 These dancers were on a moving float in one of the parades.

23 Nov 07 Here's one of the dancers in one of the Loi Krathong parades.