13TH PAGE -- Thailand

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24 Nov 07 This university student puts final touches to a float being prepared for the Loi Krathong parades.

24 Nov 07 Wow, these floats are colorful and meticulously detailed.

24 Nov 07 This photo shows a couple buildings on the grounds of the Phra Singh Buddhist Temple in Chiang Mai. The little building on the right is the temple library for Buddhist manuscripts, built in 1497.

24 Nov 07 Here's some of the carvings on the little library building at Phra Singh Temple.

24 Nov 07 Here's a couple women from hill tribes around Chiang Mai. They walk the streets of the city selling their hand-made wares.

24 Nov 07 Young women playing with a young boy.

24 Nov 07 Fireworks over the Mae Nam Ping river in Chiang Mai.

24 Nov 07 A family launching a candle-heated luminary (balloon) in celebration of Loi Krathong.

25 Nov 07 These flower-decorated candles are made and sold to be lighted and floated down the river.

24 Nov 07 More fireworks over the Mae Nam Ping river.

25 Nov 07 These Thai girls, walking through the market and Loi Krathong festivities, happily had their photo taken.

25 Nov 07 The candles are floated on sections of palm trees.

25 Nov 07 These fried water bugs are also waiting to be eaten!

25 Nov 07 These fried mealworms are ready to eat!

25 Nov 07 Here's a lighted float in the Mae Nam Ping river.

25 Nov 07 This lady carries a lantern in one of Chiang Mai's Loi Krathong night parades.

26 Nov 07 This chedi at the Phra Dhatu Temple is over 600 years old. It's the tallest in Thailand.

26 Nov 07 Here's the main Buddha in the Phantao Temple of Chiang Mai.

26 Nov 07 This reclining Buddha, about 25 Feet long, is on the grounds of the Phra Dhatu Temple.

26 Nov 07 Many Buddhist temples have dragons along the stairs into their buildings. We found this dragon at a building at Phra Dhatu Temple in Chiang Mai.

26 Nov 07 These Buddha's, about eight feet tall, also sit on the grounds of the Phra Dhatu Temple.

26 Nov 07 This Buddha, about 12 feet tall, sits on the grounds of the Phra Dhatu Temple.

26 Nov 07 These little children played in a motorcycle side-car near a soup restaurant we ate at. Their mother told us the girl on the left and the boy on the far right are twins--the boy in the middle is their older brother.

27 Nov 07 These dragons adorn the stairs into the side entrance of the Chieng Mun Temple in Chiang Mai.

27 Nov 07 These Buddhas are in the Chieng Mun Temple.

27 Nov 07 The Chieng Mun Temple was a favorite for us. Numerous vibrant paintings adorned the walls.

27 Nov 07 We found this old unnamed chedi in Chiang Mai. Throughout Chiang Mai we found old, smaller chedis here and there.

27 Nov 07 We bought this hand-woven throw made by the hill tribe women in the center. This family lives in one of the hill tribes north of Chiang Mai.

28 Nov 07 Lori is standing in a shop filled with five or six gallon cans of cookies and crackers. We stopped at this store many times and bought our favorite rice snacks.

29 Nov 07 Here's Dad taking his children home from school in Chiang Mai.