14TH PAGE -- Thailand

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29 Nov 07 These girls are leaving their school at the end of the day. As they speed away they all look to the rear! We love this photo.

30 Nov 07 This photo shows the chedi and temple of Khan Tom Temple of Chang Kum, south of Chiang Mai. The following photos are taken at this temple.

30 Nov 07 Dragons adorn the sides of the staircase on the back side of the temple facing the chedi at Khan Tom temple.

30 Nov 07 This painting was on the back of the temple facing the chedi at Khan Tom Temple.

30 Nov 07 Here's the main Buddha in the Khan Tom Temple.

30 Nov 07 Beautiful paintings adorned the walls inside the Khan Tom Temple.

30 Nov 07 This chedi, and on right background, the fallen temple, was one of a dozen-plus 1500-1600 AD temples destroyed and partially covered in mud in a major flood in 17th century. It's in the Chang Kum area south of Chiang Mai.

30 Nov 07 Here we are at E-Kang Temple (1500-1600 AD) destroyed in a great flood in the 17th century.

30 Nov 07 Here's Lori on a footbridge across a canal south of Chiang Mai that flows into the major Mae Nam Ping river.

01 Dec 07 You're getting the picture about motorcycles, yes?! Motorcycles are the single method of transportation for many people in Thailand. Here are two women and a little child on a motorcycle. For good measure, the woman passenger carries a helmet.

01 Dec 07 This young Thai girl plays with purses her mother made.

01 Dec 07 Lori with purse-maker in Chiang Mai.

07 Dec 07 Bangkok traffic explained.

09 Dec 07 After a 4-1/2 hour bus ride and a wait, we're on our way by boat to Ko Mak Island, a smaller (7 miles across) island about 15 miles off-shore from mainland Thailand.

09 Dec 07 This is Ko Kham Island, just a few thousand meters from our destination (Ko Mak). Our boat stopped here and unloaded supplies and two people.

10 Dec 07 This is the view out the window of our bungalow on Ko Mak. Our little bungalow was indeed rustic--no screens, open around the interior near the roof, a screen net to put over the bed at night (bugs), a fan, and a cold-water shower. We loved it.

10 Dec 07 Sunset view from our bungalow on Ko Mak.

11 Dec 07 This is Ko Mak Island's gas station. We're getting our motorcycle gassed.

11 Dec 07 From Ko Mak Island we rented a kayak for the day and paddled a few kilometers to tiny (150 feet across) Ko Pee Island. This view looks west from Ko Pee's shore. We snorkeled in the water around the island for an hour and saw hundreds of incredibly colored fish and coral.

12 Dec 07 We got this smaller (and cheaper) bungalow after our first night on Ko Mak. I'm standing in the water taking the photo--the high-tide water line was just 12 feet from our sand porch.

12 Dec 07 Here's a rubber tree dripping it's raw rubber into a coconut cup. Rubber tree plantations occupied most of Ko Mak Island.

12 Dec 07 Boy, did we have hours of entertainment watching sand crabs. Measuring just one inch across (including the legs), these little guys could easily outsprint us for a short distance. They each dug their holes and guarded over their territories. I laid on the sand for an hour at a time to get these photos, with the camera lens just 2-1/2 inches from their holes. Lori encouraged me.

12 Dec 07 Here's another sand crab.

13 Dec 07 The fellow climbing down the tree just cut a half dozen coconuts.

13 Dec 07 Almost everywhere a coconut falls it grows.

16 Dec 07 A view down the side of the taxi, and more houses along the canal.

16 Dec 07 We're back in Bangkok and taking a water taxi with Joshua. From the water taxi, here are homes along the canal in Bangkok.

16 Dec 07 These large bells are on the climb up Golden Mount in Bangkok. Golden Mount is an artificial hill built in Bangkok. From the top you can see a 360 degree view of Bangkok.

16 Dec 07 Josh took us to a section of Chinatown where all shops on the street sell carved and worked teak.