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09 Mar 08 Wow, we're back in Budapest again, this time for 8 weeks. On this East European trip we'll spend more time in Budapest and visit other cities in Hungary, versus visiting other countries. This photo is Fisherman's Bastion (built in 1895), just outside our apartment door and up the long steps to Castle Hill. Castle Hill, in Buda, overlooks the Danube and across into Pest. At night, it's a festival of lights.

10 Mar 08 This is a bronze statue of Sz Istvan (St Stephen), at Fishman's Bastion. St Stephen was crowned Hungary's first King on Christmas day in the year 1000. We had a great day for this photograph. Most of Fisherman's Bastion was in cloud shadows and St Stephen's statue unveiled from the cloud cover just as I took this photo.

10 Mar 08 Arched hallway in Fisherman's Bastion.

10 Mar 08 View from Castle Hill Looking across lower Buda, the Danube and into Pest.

11 Mar 08 Night view looking from Castle Hill in Buda, across the Danube at the Parliament Building in Pest. We love taking night photos of Budapest.

11 Mar 08 Produce for sale in Budapest's Central Market.

11 Mar 08 Chain Bridge at night.

11 Mar 08 Again looking across the Danube, this photo shows St Stephen's Basilica on the left and Chain Bridge on the right.

13 Mar 08 Lori, climbing the stairs into one of Fisherman's Bastion's little towers.

13 Mar 08 Fisherman's Bastion in the daytime. Fisherman's Bastion makes great photographic opportunities.

13 Mar 08 Lori with dragon carving at Fisherman's Bastion.

13 Mar 08 Again, Fisherman's Bastion.

13 Mar 08 The Lutheran Church at the north gate on Castle Hill, Budapest. That's Lori at the entrance!

13 Mar 08 Colorful buildings on Castle Hill, showing reflected sunlight from windows across the street.

14 Mar 08 On this rainy day we visited the Hungarian National Gallery. This view looks through a glass window showing part of the palace, lower Buda, across the Danube and Chain Bridge into Pest.

13 Mar 08 As we noted often in our Budapest 2007 photos, Budapest is a city filled with stone carvings, reliefs, paintings and mosaics. We found four reliefs similar to this one on a building in Pest.

14 Mar 08 This painting titled "Dezso Sacrifices His Life To The King Karoly Robertert," was painted by Jozsef Molnar in 1855.

14 Mar 08 We found the Hungarian National Gallery filled with ages-old treasures. This Father, Son and Holy Spirit carving was made by Jozsef Ferenc Schmidt between 1739 and 1760.

14 Mar 08 Lori with "Messiah And Pope," painted by Mihaly Zichy in 1871.

14 Mar 08 "Grape harvest at the Vac country," painted by Agost Elek Canzi in 1859.

14 Mar 08 "The Passion," carved and painted during 1480-1490, from Janosret, Hungary. We're again amazed at the centuries-old artifacts preserved in churches and buildings throughout Hungary. This painting-carving is about eight feet wide.

14 Mar 08 Painting titled Shipwrecked. We loved this painting but failed to record who painted it and when.

14 Mar 08 This piece of stone carving, circa 1150, is probably from the Church of St Peter in Obuda, the north part of Budapest.

14 Mar 08 This relief, "St Peter Preaching," was crafted by Stanetti Dionysiousin in 1760.

16 Mar 08 Again looking across the Danube from Pest into Buda.

16 Mar 08 We took this night photo from the base of Margit Hid bridge, Pest, looking across the Danube into Castle Hill, Buda. St Anne's church, in the foreground, is below Castle Hill.

18 Mar 08 From Buda we walked across the Elizabeth Bridge into Pest. This view looks across the Danube from Buda into Pest, showing the Inner City Parish Church and Elizabeth Bridge.

18 Mar 08 This faded and chipped building paint is common on many Budapest homes. The cat wanted to be photographed and waited to leave until we left.

18 Mar 08 The Inner City Parish Church is Pest's oldest ecclesiastical building. It's built on Contra Aquincum, a 3rd century fortress and tower. (Part of the fortress shows in the photo on the right side of the church.) Franz Liszt, famous Hungarian composer and virtuoso pianist, lived very close to the church, conducting many masses in it, to include his first Budapest performance of his "Missa Choralis."

18 Mar 08 The Inner City Parish Church shows in this photo from Elizabeth Bridge.

18 Mar 08 This stone carving is over the main entrance of the Inner City Parish Church.