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18 Mar 08 The Central Market Hall of Budapest of 1896, bustles with activity 12 hours a day, six days a week. Even in the leanest years of communist shortages it had an abundance of foods.

19 Mar 08 Palace grounds on Castle Hill in Buda. The Palace was first built here in the 1200's for the kings of Hungary. Much of it was destroyed in the second world war and since rebuilt. Some of the palace buildings are now used for the Hungarian National Gallery, National Library and Budapest History Museum.

19 Mar 08 The entrance into Lion Court on the Palace grounds. Two lions on each side guard the entrance.

19 Mar 08 Statue to the left side of the Lion Court entrance.

19 Mar 08 Lori with one of the Court entrance lion guards.

19 Mar 08 View from inside Lion Court.

20 Mar 08 We rode on trams and a bus and visited the Zwack Unicum museum and factory in Budapest. The national drink of Hungary, first made in 1790, Unicum is a dark-brown bitter-sweet liqueur made with over 40 herbs. This poster board in the museum notes bits of Zwack's history.

20 Mar 08 This is one Unicum's advertising posters during WW II. Much of the factory was destroyed in the war.

20 Mar 08 Zwack advertising posters of past.

24 Mar 08 This photo looks across the Danube from south Pest into Castle Hill.

26 Mar 08 Beginning of the day--we're headed on a metro to the Keleti train station for a day trip to Gyor, Hungary.

24 Mar 08 Again, across the Danube looking at the Royal Palace on Castle Hill.

26 Mar 08 This is the main altar inside Karmelita Templom, built 1721-1725 and restored 1904-1906. It's a magnificent church, not mentioned in any of the guide books.

26 Mar 08 We had a splendid day in Gyor. Here's looking across Bescikau(?) Square from in front of Karmelita Templom (next photos). We visited here a year ago and got photos from the same place--it was then a dark cloudy day.

26 Mar 08 This is one of the paintings in the six section oval dome.

26 Mar 08 This oval dome across the Karmelita Templom ceiling, measures about 50 x 70 feet and is about 60 feet off the floor.

26 Mar 08 Yet another of the single panels, this of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

26 Mar 08 Another of the single panels painted on the dome. We love the vibrant colors.

26 Mar 08 A traffic mirror's view of Gyor streets--do you see Lori waving?

26 Mar 08 Lori inside the foundation of a many-centuries old church. We guess from the History of Gyor, and the surrounding area (next to a 12th century Cathedral), this little church may have been from about the 12th century.

26 Mar 08 Statue in Gyor.

26 Mar 08 This is the face of St Ignatio Church, built 1641 at Szechenyi Square in Gyor. The following photos show some of its interior.

26 Mar 08 A small painting above the organ in the St Ignatio Church.

26 Mar 08 St Ignatio Church is indeed a treasure of a church. This shows looking down the aisle to the main altar.

26 Mar 08 A side alter in St Ignatio Church.

26 Mar 08 The hand-carved pews of St Ignatio Church.

26 Mar 08 The rear ceiling painting in St Ignatio Church, also about 30 x 50 feet.

26 Mar 08 The forward ceiling painting in St Ignatio Church--it measures about 30 x 50 feet.

26 Mar 08 A colorful street in Gyor.

26 Mar 08 Pulpit in St Ignatio Church.

26 Mar 08 A relief carved in the base of a statues pedestal in Szechenyi Square, Gyor.