19TH PAGE -- Hungary 2008

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26 Mar 08 Another colorful street in Gyor.

26 Mar 08 A relief in the wall of a Gyor building.

26 Mar 08 A day nearly over. We're back to the Keleti train station from Gyor. Now we take a metro back "home."

28 Mar 08 We took a train trip to Kecskemet, Hungary. The Franciscan Church (showing in the foreground) was built in the 14th century. In the left background is the Calvinist Church of Kecskemet.

28 Mar 08 Looking down the aisle of the Franciscan Church. We love the colors and simplicity of this church.

28 Mar 08 The three major paintings and altar of the Franciscan Church.

28 Mar 08 This is the St Nicholas Church (also called the Old Church and Great Church) of Kecskemet, built in the 13th or 15th century (a subject of debate) and then rebuilt in the 18th century (1774-1806) in baroque style.

28 Mar 08 Looking down the aisle of St Nicholas Church. Two of the large ceiling (dome) paintings show in this photo.

28 Mar 08 Looking from half way down the aisle of St Nicholas Church. Indeed the church is quite large.

28 Mar 08 Dome painting above the altar of St Nicholas Church.

28 Mar 08 This is the center dome of St Nicholas Church. The dome painting is over 40 feet wide.

28 Mar 08 This smaller "dome" shows before the center dome, as you're walking down the aisle.

28 Mar 08 Still yet, a smaller dome as you enter St Nicholas Church, after you've walked under the organ balcony.

06 Apr 08 This is building at the Szechenyi Furdo thermal baths of Budapest, one of Europe's largest thermal baths, built just after 1900. On 31 Mar 08 (next photos) we took photos of the mosaic art in the lobby, just inside the middle entrance of the building.

31 Mar 08 This is the mosaic tiling in the dome of Budapest's Szechenyi Furdo lobby.

31 Mar 08 The center mosaic of the dome is about 60' off the floor of the lobby.

31 Mar 08 The Szechenyi Furdo lobby walls are decorated with reliefs, as shown here.

Mar 08 A building and a wall in Budapest, just a block from our apartment.

01 Apr 08 The dome painting of the Domonkos Templom.

01 Apr 08 We're on a day-trip in Sopron. This is looking down the aisle of the Domonkos Templom in Sopron, one of our favorite churches in Hungary. None of the travel guides mention this church.

01 Apr 08 Ceiling painting over the organ in the Domonkos Templom.

01 Apr 08 This is the front of St George church in Sopron. It was built in the 1300s, and was redone in baroque style in the 1600s. We found this church last year but due to a dark day and no inside lighting we were unable to take any inside photos.

01 Apr 08 Looking down the center of St George church. It's hard to imagine it was so dark inside St George church, even on this sun lighted day, that we had to take photos with shutter speeds up to 3 seconds. The camera, with this long exposure, was able to capture detail we weren't able to see in the church, due to the poor lighting.

01 Apr 08 This is one of the several side altars in St George church.

01 Apr 08 This painting is on the ceiling of the small side altar "cove" in the previous photo. It's rounded from 'top' to 'bottom' about 8 feet across the ceiling.

01 Apr 08 One of the many paintings in the side coves of St George church.

01 Apr 08 This rococo style main altar and painting was added to Goat Church in 1751.

01 Apr 08 These statues and relief are above a side door to the Goat Church in Sopron. This treasure of a church was built 1280-1300.

01 Apr 08 This pulpit was added to Goat Church in 1754.

01 Apr 08 Lori at an inner-city gate in Sopron.

01 Apr 08 Lori at entrances to unused cellars in Sopron. A man working outside the court gate invited us in after he saw us looking into the courtyard.