5TH PAGE -- Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Bratislava

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28 Feb 07 Lori with two restaurateurs in Krakow.

01 Mar 07 Wow, we're now in Vienna after again taking a night train (Krakow to Vienna on this leg of the trip). This photo shows part of the dome fresco very high above the floor in St Peter's Church (1733). Can you imagine this oval-shaped dome is about 80 feet across? St Peter's is a treasure for gorgeous frescos and paintings. We took photos inside until a Mass started, and we decided to stay. During the worship, Peter pushed Lori's pack off the pew, making an incredible noise and interrupting the Priest's sermon. Lori sat petrified and pushed herself down into the pew, attempting to become invisible. The priest simply looked up for a moment and went on with his sermon. He was so gracious to us.

01 Mar 07 Here's the other half of the dome in St Peter's Church, Vienna. To see it in person is so much better than any photo can portray.

01 Mar 07 This is an arched ceiling fresco above a side alter in St Peter's Church, Vienna.

04 Mar 07 The Great Synagogue of Budapest, built 1844-1859, was destroyed by the Nazis in WWII and completely reconstructed in 1996. It is second largest synagogue in the world--only Jerusalem's is larger. Budapest's Great Synagogue seats 3,000 people.

04 Mar 07 This is a near-full view of the inside of Budapest's Great Synagogue looking from back to front.

04 Mar 07 Star and the 10 Commandments adorn the alter in front of the Great Synagogue.

04 Mar 07 This all-stainless steel weeping willow "tree" (created 1991--notice it was made after the "Wall" fell in the East Bloc countries) at Budapest's Great Synagogue is a holocaust memorial to the 600,000 Hungarian Jews who were murdered and incinerated by the hands of German and Hungarian Nazis in WWII. The stainless steel leafs show the names of those killed.

07 Mar 07 We took a night train from Budapest to Prague, arriving at six in the morning, and then immediately hopped on a train to Plzen, Czech Republic. These are some of the delicious pastries we found in the Plzen train station where we bought a cup of coffee. We had a delightful day in Plzen, leaving on a train for Prague at 7:45 in the evening, arriving late to catch a still-later train back to Budapest.

07 Mar 07 This fresco (one of three), dated 1842, adorns the central entrance wall of the Plzen train station.

07 Mar 07 This is the gothic-style Church of St Bartholomew, built in the 13th century, Plzen. Its 330 foot tower overlooks Plzen's old town.

07 Mar 07 This fresco is on the ceiling of the entrance to St Bartholomew, Plzen.

07 Mar 07 View of Old Town Square from St Bartholomew tower.

07 Mar 07 These arches are the entrance to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Plzen. It's here the world's first lager beer, invented 1842, is brewed.

07 Mar 07 These tunnels are part of Plzen's underground, the earliest dug in the 14th century, where beer was brewed, stored and served until the late 19th century. 750 meters of tunnels (of a total of 17.5 kilometers) are still open to the public--the tunnels stay a constant 50 degrees. This photo shows some of no-longer-used brewing barrels.

07 Mar 07 Peter and Lori in the Plzen underground.

09 Mar 07 We took a train to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Trolly buses stop at the front of the train station (photo). To the left of the trolly buses are bus stops and to the right are tram stops. You can go anywhere in the city in a matter of minutes. We had a spectacular day in Bratislava and we loved everything we saw about the city. In contrast to guide book write-ups we found the city's old and new to be facsinating. We very much enjoyed Bratislava, but not nearly like we love Budapest (can any city compare to Budapest?!). As an interesting note, Bratislava was once the capital of Hungary (from 1563 to 1830), during the occupation of Buda (the east side of Budapest) by the Turks.

09 Mar 07 After getting into Bratislava train station we took a tram down to the Danube river. This is our tram stop. We took many photos of the building in this photo. One of Bratislava's trams shows in the photo.

Top Photo: 07 Mar 07 We've now seen the second and third largest synagogues in the world--this is the Great Synagogue of Plzen, Czech Republic, the third largest in the world. It was built in the Moorish style in 1892 by 2,000 jews who then lived in Plzen. Bottom Photo: 08 Mar 07 Here's some of the many bronze statues at Millennial Monument at Heros Square in Budapest. Heros Square is almost half a square mile of monuments, museums, the biggest medicinal baths in Hungary (Szechenyi Baths), a castle, a zoo, and an outdoor ice skating rink.

09 Mar 07 Reliefs on the building at the tram stop near the Danube.

09 Mar 07 This is the bronze "Peeper" in Bratislava. He looks out of a manhole on the sidewalk.

09 Mar 07 Yes, once again we find the manhole covers quite artistic. This one shows the Bratislava Castle.

09 Mar 07 This is the Slovak National Theatre built in 1886. The Ganymede's fountain in front of the Theatre was built in 1888.

09 Mar 07 A street in Bratislava. Can words add anything?!

09 Mar 07 A relief below a balcony in Bratislava. Many of Bratislava's buildings are adorned with reliefs.

09 Mar 07 Oh, but the beauty of Bratislava! These carvings are typical of Bratislava's churches, mostly Catholic. We wished to take photos inside the magnificent churches. We visited at least five on this Friday trip to Bratislava--all were filled to capacity and holding Mass. We couldn't get one photo in any of the churches.

09 Mar 07 Bratislava is a city of colors and friendly people. On the right is Roland's Fountain built in 1572. This square on Rybarska Brana is filled with color by day and night.

08 Mar 07 This is one of two courtyards in our lovely apartment building in Budapest. The building is 100 years old. Oh, but the wonderful memories we have in our apartment and in Budapest! We shall visit beautiful Budapest again! We snapped this photo just a few days before we left.

18 Mar 07 Our trip to Budapest has ended but our memories hold firm as we have snow at the Joe and Gloria Watson home (Lori's parents) in Pennsylvania! (Our 60 days of spring weather in Budapest has come to an end and now we experience the reality of winter weather.)

29 Mar 07 We're about to finish our travel to Buena Vista, Colorado from York, Pennsylvania. Here we're caught for the night at Fairplay, Colorado (10,000 feet elevation) in a snow storm that shut the highway down.