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13 May 08 We're almost in the middle of May and it's still snowing in Colorado. We're just now both returning to Colorado after being gone since September 2007.

13 May 08 Arriving to Colorado and being greeted with snow.

18 May 08 We're in Buena Vista CO at Snowy Peaks RV and being visited by Vince, a good friend from Denver. Vince joined us camping.

26 May 08 We just had to get the boat out of winter storage and use it--we took it fishing just this once. We caught 10 rainbows in Clear Creek Reservoir. We kept three to make a great dinner. (Lori hates this photo but I love it!)

May 2008. Joy Davis (Peter's older daughter) painted this chalk art (the whole painting was 8' by 8') at Santa Barbara's three-day Memorial Day I Madonnari festival, where 400 artists at the plaza in front of the Santa Barbara mission created 200 artworks. Joy's painting (this one) won "Best Pick."

May 2008. Here's Joy working on her untitled painting of mother and child.

May 08 Here's Lori shooting her compound bow--she's a great shot!

01 Jun 08 Utah along I-70. We're heading west--first to see Peter's daughter Joy in Santa Barbara CA and then to see Peter's daughter Crystal (and the grandchildren) in Merced CA.

01 Jun 08 Lori in Utah.

01 Jun 08 Lori in Utah.

01 Jun 08 Utah along I-70. We love the high desert.

02 Jun 08 This is Zion National Park UT. We love this park and need to spend more than a day driving through it!

02 Jun 08 Again in Zion National Park.

02 Jun 08 Again in Zion National Park with the truck and Casita showing in the photo.

02 Jun 08 A beetle on Lori's arm.

06 Jun 08 We're in California now. These guys are Acorn Woodpeckers. There were seven of them living in this large oak tree. All of them went in and out of the same hole shown here.

06 Jun 08 Do you see all the holes in the tree and how half of them have acorns in them? These crazy woodpeckers make all the holes and fill them with acorns--hence, the Acorn Woodpecker.

06 Jun 08 More of the Acorn Woodpecker.

06 Jun 08 This guy was just stepping off the oak tree to fly away--he had one wing opened and one still closed. See his one foot still holding onto the tree?

10 Jun 08 We had a great visit with Peter's daughter Joy, in Santa Barbara CA and now with Peter's daughter Crystal, in Atwater CA. We just spent the day at Yosemite Lake, east of Merced. Here's Klaire and Destiny, a little red and very tired from all the sun.

12 Jun 08 We're driving through California to Washington State. Here's our truck and little home north of Mt Shasta.

12 Jun 08 Again Mt Shasta in north CA, this time showing fields of yellow flowers in the foreground.

13 Jun 08 We're in Newberry National Volcanic Monument OR. We stopped off here and hiked in the area. There are miles and miles of lava formations.

13 Jun 08 Lori in Newberry National Volcanic Monument.

18 Jun 08 Lori & I completed a three-day boating safety course in Richland WA sponsored by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. We enjoyed the course immensely and learned valuable information we'll put to use next year as we become volunteer caretakers of a National Wildlife Refuge in Washington State. We very much enjoyed our classmates and instructors, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees. We're excited to start this position in Apr 09.

28 Jun 08 John (Peter's brother) and Peter went to a Porsche show. At the show, John jumped in this Porsche (part of the "scenery" on the show grounds).

22 Jul 08 While in Washington State, Peter helped brother John put new siding on the back of his garage. There was an enormous hive of bumblebees in the garage wall--John said they could have been in there for a decade. John removed the old siding and Peter transferred the whole hive into a wood box made specially for the hive. The bumblebees immediately adjusted to their new home and hardly seemed to notice they were no longer inside the garage wall. This photo shows the 3/4 inch opening in their new home.

13 Jul 08 Here's all the Davis siblings at the 2008 Davis family reunion in Washington State. From left, Christopher (6th), John (3rd), Michael (1st), Paul (5th), Mary (2nd) and Peter 4th). We didn't get a photo of all the family this year.

22 Jul 08 Happy bumblebees in their new home!

Mom & Dad's burial site at Willamette National Cemetery.

21 Jul 08 This is a Pacific Tree Frog on Lori's arm. He's just a little guy, about 5/8 of an inch long.