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28 Jul 08 We're driving across the U.S. from Washington State to Pennsylvania. This is the Corn Palace in Mitchell SD. Since 1892, it's been docorated with native SD corn, grasses and grains. It was planned to celebrate harvests each late-September and is redecorated, except in wartime and drought, with a new theme every year. Lori first visited the Corn Palace in 1975 when she was 14 years old.

31 Jul 08 Here's Lori with (big!) buffalo on the south side of Madison SD.

06 Aug 08 Here we are (in Ohio) with foldable bicycles we carry in our truck.

31 Jul 08 This is Ray Redwing, a U.S. Navy retiree, with a pipe he made and we bought from him at Pipestone National Monument in Minnesota. Pipestone Natl Monument is significant as it's the only location where Indians have quarried red pipestone (catlinite) to make peace pipes from early times to present. Ray is a native of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe.

21 Aug 08 We went target shooting with friends Cliff and Anne Peterson. This is Lori's target after she's fired 10 rounds from 30 feet. She's shooting a Glock 9mm Model 26.

20 Aug 08 We're in York PA to visit Lori's family and attend Lori's son's wedding. Here's Lori with Dad & Mom Watson at their home in York PA.

20 Aug 08 This is one of Dad Watson's sunflowers.

22 Aug 08 We're at Lori's son's wedding rehearsal. Here's Keith & Mindy to be married the next day. They were married outside at Fischer Chapel, Nawakwa Lutheran Camp where Keith & Mindy met.

22 Aug 08 Again, Keith & Mindy at their wedding rehearsal.

22 Aug 08 The Kiss at the rehearsal.

23 Aug 08 Here's Keith's Grandpa and Grandma Watson (Lori's parents), at Keith & Mindy's wedding. We really like this photo.

23 Aug 08 Here's MOM Lori & Keith just before Keith & Mindy's wedding.

23 Aug 08 Here's the brand-new Mr & Mrs Keith & Mindy Shively. The wedding was indeed lovely and Keith & Mindy showed only happiness and gratitude throughout the wedding and reception.

23 Aug 08 Here's Lori's brother Jim with sister-in-law Melanie and niece Jamie. Where is Jamie's husband (they were just married weeks ago)? Nick wasn't at the table when Peter took this photo.

23 Aug 08 Here's Keith, and some of his buddies, at the reception doing the Blue's Brothers! We had entertainment we hadn't expected.

23 Aug 08 Here's Lori at the reception with daughter Kaleigh, a bridesmaid.

23 Aug 08 Here's Lori with newly-married-son Keith, dancing to Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight."

23 Aug 08 The new Mr & Mrs Keith & Mindy Shively dancing at reception.

23 Aug 08 Indeed, it was a perfect wedding. We wish Keith & Mindy all the happiness in the world as they start their new life as one.

10 Sep 08 Here's a draft horse team (six horses!) performing at the Puyallup Fair.

10 Sep 08 We've already traveled from York PA to Buena Vista CO, and then to Puyallup WA. Here's Lori with friends Tom & Margarita at the Puyallup Fair.

20 Sep 08 When the streets aren't crowded (not too often) this would be a typical scene in Kathmandu. Kathmandu's streets are usually crowded with people, rickshaws, motorcycles, cars and trucks, and all sorts of man-powered vehicles to carry foods and other things for sale.

19 Sep 08 We’re overseas again on a 13-week trip. We flew to Thailand on 16 Sep 08, spent three days with Joshua (Peter's Nephew) & Cindy in Bangkok, and then flew to Nepal. Here's Lori just off the plane in Kathmandu. We'll spend six weeks in Nepal, before returning to Bangkok for seven weeks in Thailand, Cambodia and maybe Laos.

22 Sep 08 We decided to do a 20-day trek around the Annapurna Mountain Range in Nepal. This photo shows Lori, Pancha (owner of the trek company we used), Bishnu (our guide for the trek) and Peter. Pancha, at Abbey Int'l Treks & Expedition (www.abbeytreks.com) helped us determine our trekking plans and Bishnu (t_guide_bishnu@yahoo.com) was our guide. Pancha provided us great planning service and Bishnu, we quickly learned, is a fantastic guide.

21 Sep 08 There were lots of demonstrations against the Nepali government. Here's one where the police have arrived, broken up the demonstrators and put out the fire in the street. We found it amazing how the word quickly got around that demonstrators were coming--in just a minute the street vendors were gone and street shops were closed and locked up tight.

23 Sep 08 Before our trek, we were privileged to meet Bishnu's lovely wife, Meena. Here's Lori, Meena and Bishnu in Kathmandu.

24 Sep 08 We're on our way to the start point of our trek, Besi Sahar, in the Himalaya foothills of the Annapurna Range. It was a long day getting there--demonstrators and their street fire and road blocks just outside our hotel (and stoppage of much traffic in Kathmandu) delayed us an extra two hours getting out of Kathmandu. This photo shows a view out the mini-bus window as we're driving out of Kathmandu. Pancha had our bus trip to Besi Sahar arranged ahead of time, but had to do lots of ad-hoc arrangements that morning to get us out of Kathmandu.

24 Sep 08 Here's a streetside fruit stand outside Kathmandu (while driving to Besi Sahar).

24 Sep 08 We're just getting into Besi Sahar. (Due to the Kathmandu demonstration delays we were too late to start our trek today, so we stay the night in Besi Sahar and start in the morning.)

24 Sep 08 Here's a typical street scene in Nepal, this one in Dumre (while driving to Besi Sahar).

24 Sep 08 Here's a shop along the main street in Besi Sahar. All the main street is lined with shops selling whatever goods are available in Nepal.