26TH PAGE -- Nepal

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29 Sep 08 In the mountain villages, all wood is cut by hand, all boards are planed by hand (as in this photo), and mortising and drilling are done by hand.

30 Sep 08 We're on our 6th day of the trek on our way from Pisang to Manang. This home is on the trail outside Pisang.

30 Sep 08 We had a splendid day, in spite of much of the day being clouded. This view looks back northeast on the trail between Pisang and Manang. Today was a really long and tough hike. Each of the past days we covered long distances and elevations gains.

30 Sep 08 This photo looks north off the trail between Pisang and Manang.

30 Sep 08 Another cool insect along the trail.

30 Sep 08 This old bridge is no longer used. Isn't it a beauty of architecture?

30 Sep 08 Humde village on the way to Manang was in full swing of harvesting buckwheat. In this photo hand-cut buckwheat is drying in the field.

30 Sep 08 We stopped at a lodge in Humde village (almost 11,000 feet elevation--we're out of the lower foothills), about halfway from Pisang to Manang, and had tea. This Buddhist prayer room was in the upper floor of the lodge.

30 Sep 08 Humde village people are cutting buckwheat for harvest. After the wheat is dry, they’ll beat it to remove the grain from the stalks.

30 Sep 08 Here's some of the dozens of prayer stones at the entrance to Humde village.

01 Oct 08 We're on our 7th day of the trek and using it in the Manang area to rest and acclimatize. With all the clouds yesterday, we saw only bits of high mountains south of us as we hiked to Manang. This photo and the next two, hint at the magnificence of the morning view we had today looking southeast, south and southwest from the roof of our lodge in Manang. This photo and the next two show part of the Annapurna range mountains and Ganggapurna mountain (up to 26,546 feet elevation)--for the first time on our trip we're high enough to see a lot of these mountains together. Our 140-mile trek takes us around the Annapurna and Nilgiri ranges, and around more than a dozen significant high mountains. (This view looks southeast from the roof of our Manang lodge.)

30 Sep 08 Finally, we're almost to Manang (only another few miles!). The trail today seemed to go on forever. We both had pains from our boots.

01 Oct 08 As noted above, we stay in Manang (11,155' elevation) this day as a recuperation-acclimatization break, and yet while 'resting' we take a hike gaining about 2,500 feet, just for the views and to visit a cave monastery. This photo shows a typical mountain home in Manang, made with stone foundation and walls, wood-frame shutter windows, living, crop and firewood-storage areas, ladders (cut from single logs) leading to different levels, and prayer flags.

Oct 08 This view shows south from the roof of our Manang lodge.

01 Oct 08 Photo looking southwest from hill above Manang showing several Manang lodges.

01 Oct 08 This view shows southwest from the roof of our Manang lodge.

01 Oct 08 This was our first close-up of a yak in Nepal. This large bull yak was in the hills north of Manang. He didn't mind us in the distance but let it be known to me when I got close that he didn't like it. (I didn't delay my photography.)

01 Oct 08 Another Manang home.

01 Oct 08 We're now about 2,500' above Manang on our day hike. Here's Lori with the Lama who lives in a cave there. He's lived in the cave 17 years and is 92 years old. He's giving Lori tips for living a happy life. We had fun talking with the Lama even though we are Christians.

01 Oct 08 Buckwheat terraces above Manang looking southwest from above Manang. We love the different colors of buckwheat while growing and after cutting and drying. (Rich greens, then yellows and reds, then browns and tans.)

01 Oct 08 Here's some of the work of buckwheat harvest. After the stalks are cut and dried, the grain is beaten off the stalks. This photo shows a man beating dirt off roots--the roots will be used as human or animal food, or as flavor in cooking.

01 Oct 08 This relief was on a chedi in the hills north of Manang.

01 Oct 08 After buckwheat grain removed from the stalks and beaten, the chaff is removed from the grain. This photo shows women slowly dumping beaten grain from baskets while the wind separates the grain and chaff. We noted one woman always whistled a constant tone while the grain was slowly poured but we couldn't get an answer as to why.

01 Oct 08 Here we are high above the north side of Manang and just outside the cave monastery.

02 Oct 08 This south-looking view shows a hut just off the trail a few miles northwest of Manang.

01 Oct 08 We're on our way down the hills above Manang. This view shows the rocky terrain high above Manang and the glacier and glacial lake south of Manang.

02 Oct 08 This view looks north off the trail as we hike to Thorung Phedi.

02 Oct 08 Today, our 8th day of the trek, we head to Thorung Phedi. Today's hike is long and normally done in two days. It takes us to Thorung Phedi at 14,600 feet (with lots of ups and downs during the day), where we'll spend the night in a lodge. Again we had a perfect, near cloud-free day. In this photo, we’re east of Manang and looking southwest.

02 Oct 08 This view shows Lori and Bishnu on the trail as we hike north to Thorung Phedi.

02 Oct 08 West-looking view of prayer stone carvings and Chulu West mountain.

02 Oct 08 South-looking view of prayer stone carvings and flags, and mountains we were close to earlier in the day.