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07 Oct 08 At a small village (three or four homes) along the trail we find this friendly man making and selling bamboo baskets. We bought a small basket from him.

07 Oct 08 Here's Lori in a small village along the trail. This donkey train of twelve is a little larger than most.

07 Oct 08 These water buffalo walked through a village on the trail as we stopped to eat lunch. Lori wasn't too excited to walk in the middle of them.

08 Oct 08 It's the 14th day of our trek. Today we hike from Dana to Tatopani. Here are some mildly terraced crops at a home along the trail. Today was our easiest day of the whole trek--we hiked a shorter distance with little elevation change and fewer ups and downs along the trail.

08 Oct 08 Here's a shorter suspension bridge we cross along today's trail to Tatopani. Nilgiri shows in the upper middle-left of the photo--Annapurna I is behind clouds on the upper right. Tonight we'll visit the hot springs in Tatopani and tomorrow we'll stay in Tatopani and take a day excursion hike around the area.

09 Oct 08 It's now the 15th day of our trek (today we stay in Tatopani and take a local area excursion). We wake up in Tatopani to find this donkey train nearly loaded up and almost ready to start their day's work.

09 Oct 08 We're in the middle of three days of Hindu festivities in Nepal. On these three days it's legal to gamble in Nepal, and everywhere in the villages we see the Nepali's in little groups playing dice games.

09 Oct 08 This cool guy was on the trail stones in Tatopani--he was a very large orange-red color wasp. As with most of the insects and spiders in Nepal, the Nepali's considered him "poisonous" and when they saw me photographing him, they killed him.

09 Oct 08 We're on a day excursion around the Tatopani area. This marble cliff is on the west side of the Kali Gandaki river.

09 Oct 08 Lots of suspension bridges on the trail! Note the stones on, and the damage done, to the bridge (lower left) from avalanches.

09 Oct 08 This 6-foot "holy" cow adorns the small Hindu temple.

09 Oct 08 Here's a small Hindu temple with Hindus on the trail wearing orange.

09 Oct 08 This Hindu woman was at a Hindu location near the small temple. She kindly agreed to allow me to photograph her.

09 Oct 08 We're on another bridge looking at the bridge three photos back.

10 Oct 08 It's now the 16th day of our trek. Today we hike from Tatopani to Ghoropani. It's a really tough climb where we gain 6,500 feet with the ups and downs and the elevation gain. This photo (inside the guest house we ate lunch at) shows corn drying.

09 Oct 08 These Hindu artifacts adorned some of the Hindu location near the small temple.

12 Oct 08 It's now the 18th day of our trek. Today we left Ghoropani and hiked to Ulleri. This photo and the next shows a pan across the range of mountains we see this morning from our lodge in Ghoropani. From left to right, this photo shows mountain peaks between 22,000 and 26,000+ feet high: Gurja Peak, Dhalagiri IV, Dhalagiri V, Dhaulagiri III, Dhalagiri II, Dhalagiri I (the highest in this photo, at 26,795’ [8,167 meters]), and Tukuche Peak.

11 Oct 08 It's now the 17th day of our trek. Today we stayed in Ghoropani and hiked an excursion trip to Poon Hill. We got nice photos of the mountain ranges north of Poon Hill but decided we'll put some photos on from tomorrow. This photo shows one of many, many drawings of the communist Maoist rebel symbols we find along the Annapurna trek--usually they're in bright red. We managed to get some photos of one of the Maoist "paramilitary" rebel camps along the trail some days back, but we'll not put them on our website. The Maoists have caused great problems in Nepal over the past 12 years.

12 Oct 08 We’re standing in front of our lodge in Ghoropani. It was a spectacular morning with the Himalaya’s behind us.

12 Oct 08 We’re standing in front of our lodge in Ghoropani. It was a spectacular morning with the Himalaya’s behind us.

12 Oct 08 We hiked along this beautiful creek on part of today’s trail.

12 Oct 08 Today, as with each day I held us up taking photos, even with stopping for a few minutes for photos and then running to catch up.

12 Oct 08 We stopped a little early today when we saw a family at their lodge hulling dried corn. I asked to take photos and they all agreed--we learned how to hull dried corn (no easy task as the corn is very hard and difficult to get off the husk). We had tea, “showered” with a bucket of warm water, and then ate with the family in their kitchen. We stayed the night in their lodge. For dinner we had dried yak meat, curried potatoes, lentils on rice and butter on corn bread. We’d never tasted butter so rich and good, although we never learned what animal’s milk it was made from. Oh yes, and we had cup after cup of warmed roxi/roksi/rocksi [different spellings we saw for it]--a homemade wine with quite a kick made from wheat, barley or millet. This photo shows the grandmother and grandson at their home (the lodge).

12 Oct 08 This is one of the daughters of the grandmother--a sister of the baby’s mother. Her husband worked in Kuwait for three years to get the family ahead.

12 Oct 08 Here’s the aunt again, with her younger sister, the baby’s mother. We ate dinner with the family in this kitchen.

12 Oct 08 Lori played with the little grandson baby. What a little doll he was, still sleepy after waking from a nap. He’s dropping corn in Lori’s hand.

13 Oct 08 Here’s a home along the trail from Ulleri to Birethanti.

13 Oct 08 It's now the 19th day of our trek. Today we hiked from Ulleri to Birethanti. Can you see Lori and Bishnu at the second bend down the trail?

13 Oct 08 A blown-up portion of a view across the River. We see less than a third of the suspension bridge below us.

13 Oct 08 Much of today we hiked again along the great Kali Gandaki River.

13 Oct 08 In the early evening at Birethanti we hiked around the village and across the river. This view looks east-east-north.