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14 Oct 08 It's now the 20th, and last, day of our trek. Today we hiked from Birethanti to Kande. Just across the river, as we started up a very steep mountain, we spotted three little goats at a home along the trail. Lori caught one and didnít want to let it go. The owner smiled at us as I took this photo.

14 Oct 08 These micro-tiny insects were on a stone on the trail.

14 Oct 08 This family owned four little goats--three black ones and one white one. They happily allowed me to take photos of them.

14 Oct 08 This view looks north off the trail of a hill we hiked up (a couple thousand feet). It was a killer hill--super steep and never-ending. The trail had been closed to trekkers for years and we found only Nepalis in the villages along it.

14 Oct 08 At Kande, we managed to squeeze into a crowded bus on itís way to Pohkara. It was only a short 30+ kilometers, but took us 1-1/2 hours. We stood on the bus all the way--dead-dog tired and sticky. At Pohkara we caught a taxi to our lodging and showered up. (WE'D FINISHED OUR 20-DAY, 140-MILE TREK !) What the heck is this photo??? This is the last of a series of three vaccination shots I gave us for Japanese Encephalitis, a precaution due to the areas we went during this trip.

15 Oct 08 Weíre in Pohkara for a week now. We immediately zipped off to a Tibetan refugee came northwest of Pohkara. Hereís a Buddhist temple in the camp. Tibetan refugees and their children born in Nepal are not able to obtain citizenship in Nepal and hold no citizenship or papers from Tibet. They are people without a country--they canít obtain any real jobs in Nepal (few to start with) and they canít travel anywhere.

15 Oct 08 This man at the Tibetan refugee camp carved Tibetan prayers in slate. He worked very fast and the writing looked like it was computer-lazer cut--so perfect.

15 Oct 08 Hereís inside the Buddhist temple at the NW Pohkara Tibetan Refugee Camp.

16 Oct 08 We bought this very old Tibetan rug (about 18 x 30 inches) from a man in a Tibetan refugee camp southwest of Pohkara.

15 Oct 08 Here we are in the Mahendra cave in Butulechour Village north of Pohkara. Water dripped from its ceiling and bats lived in it. After we visited this cave Bishnu headed back to Pohkara on a bus and we didn't see him again untl we were back in Kathmandu.

17 Oct 08 We very much enjoyed our downtime in Pohkara after the Annapurna circuit trek. Hereís a wee-morning-hours view from our lodging window looking west.

16 Oct 08 This man sold us herbs in Pohkara. I asked him for a photo and the nearby market vendors asked to join him in it! It was a fun photo and they all enjoyed looking at it.

17 Oct 08 Lori likes playing with the water bufallo on the streets in Pohkara! Water bufallo and cows walked the streets all over Pohkara.

17 Oct 08 Hereís the morning view we have from our Pohkara lodging looking north into the Annapurna range. Thatís the range we hiked around!

21 Oct 08 This photo shows the dugout canoes used in the park river. Our lodging was adjacent to this smaller tributary to the main river through Chitwan.

21 Oct 08 Weíve left Pohkara and taken a miserable 5-hour+ bus ride to Nepalís Royal Chitwan National Park--it was a bumpy, curvy, gas-it, brake-it ride. Hereís the view from our lodging looking across the river into the Park. The park has royal bengal tigers, indian elephants, indian rhinoceros, gharial and marsh mugger crocodiles, deer, boars, jackals, monkeys, many species of smaller animals, and hundreds of birds species.

21 Oct 08 Bathing in Chitwanís river.

21 Oct 08 Mother and two young elephants at Chitwanís elephant breeding center.

21 Oct 08 We played with these two young elephants for about 45 minutes. They stood three feet high and played rough! We were cautious and didnít let them knock us over. It was waning near-sunset light and I had a tough time getting good photos.

21 Oct 08 We took a very short walk in the last bit of light just inside the park boundary. We saw a jackal, a fox, some colorful birds, much routing in the woods from wild boars, and rhinoceros tracks. Hereís Loriís hand inside a rhinoceros footprint.

21 Oct 08 Itís now dark and the sky is beautiful. See the milky way across the bottom of this 1/2-minute exposure?

21 Oct 08 Hereís evening looking from our lodging across the river into Chitwan.

22 Oct 08 Weíve just come down the Chitwan River in the Chitwan National Park in a dugout, like the one shown in the river here. Some of the following photos were taken from the dugout as we canoed down the river.

22 Oct 08 This dragonfly landed on the side of the dugout as we canoed down the river.

22 Oct 08 This endangered Gharial crocodile eats only fish!

22 Oct 08 This Gharial looks like a mythological dragon as he swims toward us.

22 Oct 08 This marsh mugger crocodile warms in the sun on a muddy steep edge of the river. Marsh muggers (named by the British) get their name because they enjoy pulling people under water and eating them.

22 Oct 08 This is a cotton beetle. There were thousands of them in the jungle. We hiked through the jungle for eight hours and saw 32 species of birds, one Rhino (very rare to see in the jungle and dangerous to humans on foot--we stayed quietly behind a tree until it moved away), barking deer, tiger footprints (rarely are tigers seen in the daytime), two kinds of monkeys and several other animals.

22 Oct 08 This dragonfly was on tall grass (notice he's green, versus the earlier one being blue. I got one photo of him before he flew.

22 Oct 08 These Langur Monkeys jumped with great speed from tree to tree. Many carried young ones on their bellies as they flew through the trees.

23 Oct 08 Hereís Lori with the elephant weíll ride in the jungle.