4TH PAGE -- Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland

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13 Feb 07 In Sopron we found a treasure of a church in the Domonkos Templom. (We'd made two trips to Sopron in an effort to get inside of another church, the 13th century "Goat" Church, only to find it was under major preservation efforts and near fully scaffolded inside.) The Domonkos was not written up in guide books. Inside we found baroque architecture and beautiful old paintings. This photo shows a portion of the main alter.

13 Feb 07 This is a portion of the main ceiling Fresco in the Domonkos Templom. The Domonkos' ceiling frescoes appeared to have been restored and possibly modernized in style.

16 Feb 07 This street scene in Gyor shows Puspoki Katedra (Bishop's Cathedral) behind the buildings. This was our second trip to Gyor, in an effort to get inside the Cathedral. Parts of the Cathedral date to the 13th century and statues and paintings in the church date from the 15th through 18th century.

13 Feb 07 This small painting, dated 1847, was framed with a much larger painting of Christ on the Cross. Domonkos Templom.

16 Feb 07 This photo shows most of the primary ceiling fresco in front of the main alter in Bishop's Cathedral. It was a closed-off area below the fresco--we were thrilled to be given access to take this photo.

16 Feb 07 This small fresco adorns the ceiling above a smaller alter on the north side of Bishop's Cathedral. This cathedral was filled with inspiring treasures in its frescoes, paintings, alters and statues.

17 Feb 07 Castle Hill in Buda by night, from the Citadel south of the Hill. Budapest in indeed a magical city.

16 Feb 07 Fresh-baked bread in a bakery on Aradi Vertanuk Utca just north of train station in Gyor--the owner was more than thrilled to let us take photos of her bread. We wanted to buy, but couldn't carry with us, one of the foot-wide loaves of bread on the top row

17 Feb 07 Inner Parish Church in Pest from Buda Hill. This church was built in the 12th century on the remains of a Roman fortress (3rd or 4th century).

17 Feb 07 Oh, nightime in Budapest! This view looks across the Danube at the Chain Bridge and the Parliament from the Citadel on Buda Hill.

20 Feb 07 Astronomical Clock of 1410 on the Old Town Hall in Prague. Prague is a lovely city with fairytale sights, ornate doors, and statues and stone reliefs adorning buildings. We didn't find Prague in our hearts like we do Budapest--it was much more commercialized, expensive and (even in the winter) filled with many groups of tourists. We had a hard time taking photos without there being throngs of people filling the scenes. Also, we didn't find open access to churches as we do in Hungary.

20 Feb 07 We took our first out-of-Hungary trip to Prague, Czech Republic on a night train. This is a train stop in Kuty, Slovakia at 2 am.

20 Feb 07 This small relief adorns the arch above a small door on the west side of the 1365 Gothic-style Tyn Church in Prague. The relief is about six feet wide and very detailed.

20 Feb 07 We find the most ornate manholes in Budapest--this one is in Prague.

20 Feb 07 Our reflection in a Prague store window.

20 Feb 07 This carving adorns an outside wall of St Nicholas Church, one of the greatest baroque buildings in Prague.

20 Feb 07 This street and canal are on the west side of the Charles Bridge, Prague.

22 Feb 07 Dome above the alter of the beautiful Szekesegyhaz (Cathedral) on Konstantin Square in Vac Hungary. The neoclassical-design Cathedral was built 1763-1777. To our great disappointment we couldn't get inside the church--it was locked and we could only view part of the interior from behind an iron gate at the back of the church.

20 Feb 07 Top Photo: An old Jawa motorcycle in Prague. Bottom Photo: On the Charles Bridge, built in 1357, looking across the Vltava river to the Prague Castle.

27 Feb 07 Prague Train Station. It's 0600 in the morning and we've just arrived to Prague after taking a night train from Budapest. It's our first day of a different adventure where we use night trains as our "hotel" for three nights in a row. (That is, from Budapest to Prague, from Prague to Krakow and from Krakow to Vienna--and finally back to Budapest on a day train.)

22 Feb 07 The main dome of the Szekesegyhaz (Cathedral) in Vac Hungary. This "pinched" view was all we could see of the dome from the locked iron gate.

28 Feb 07 Krakow Train Station. It's 0600 in the morning and we've just arrived to Krakow after taking a night train from Prague. Wow, Poland. Here's where the Poles, with not much greater than hunting rifles and pitch forks, attempted to keep their nation from the Nazis while the world watched and went on with business as normal, hardly noticing.

27 Feb 07 Adornment of buildings with statues, like this, is typical in Prague.

28 Feb 07 An older hotel and newer tram in Krakow. Krakow holds much beauty in it's pastel-color buildings.

28 Feb 07 An old-world street in Krakow.

28 Feb 07 View from the Wawel Castle hill looking over the south part of Krakow to Saints Peter and Paul Church.

28 Feb 07 Krakow has much of the old world and much of the new; here's an old street in Krakow.

28 Feb 07 Church at Bernardynska and Stradomska streets, Krakow. This church was locked and we found no name on it.

28 Feb 07 Early 17th century Jesuit church of Saints Peter and Paul in Krakow. This was the first Baroque church built in Poland. We weren't able to take inside photos due to a worship service.

28 Feb 07 The Wawel Castle and Cathedral, Krakow. The castle is filled with artifacts dating back 500 years. The Cathedral dates to the 14th century.