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23 Oct 08 We rode the elephant in the Chitwan jungle and found this momma rhino and baby. We stayed quiet on the elephant and the rhinos didn’t seem to notice us.

23 Oct 08 We had a ball with this elephant in Chitwan’s river. She repeatedly sprayed us. We played with her in the water, rubbed her head and trunk and fed her bananas.

23 Oct 08 Try as I might I could not get this elephant to move an inch in the water. She weighed a ton (well, three tons at least)!

23 Oct 08 This photo is sequential from the above one and shows the elephant hitting her target. How many gallons of water do you think this was? She sprayed us over and over.

23 Oct 08 Lori demonstrates the proper method to climb onto an elephant--please don’t try this in your home!

23 Oct 08 Peter stands on the elephant as she trys to spray him. She was a sweet elephant, 45 years old and 5 years from retirement.

23 Oct 08 Here’s Lori on her first camel ride, in Sauraha village (in the Chitwan area). The two camels (me on the second) are the only ones in Nepal and were brought from India earlier in the year.

23 Oct 08 This is one of many typical Tharu tribe homes in Sauraha village. The Nepali government allowed the Tharus to take up land in Sauraha and settle on it when it was discovered in 1925 that the tribe was resistant to malaria. (We took malaria pills all the time we were in Nepal and for one month afterward.)

23 Oct 08 Here’s another typical Sauraha village home, this one a farm home.

23 Oct 08 Many goods are carried in the Sauraha village area by ox and cart and by donkeys.

23 Oct 08 Here’s Lori with the camels we rode. Camels are normally ill-tempered and stinky and these ones did not let us down! Our ride was supposed to be an hour but it lasted 1-hour 20-minutes due to the camels stopping along the road and eating. After an hour on a camel you’ve had your fill.

23 Oct 08 Here’s the view I see from the second camel.

25 Oct 08 This is typical Kathmandu. The streets are crowded with people busily moving from place to place and lots of street sellers moving their products.

25 Oct 08 All the streets are open to any traffic that can make it through.

25 Oct 08 We love this scene. One fellow squats on the concrete structure (the table) as they play chess.

25 Oct 08 Here’s Lori, Meena and Bishnu in Kathmandu.

25 Oct 08 These Nepali women watch as Lori and Meena choose fabrics to have made into traditional Nepali dress (as the Nepali’s wear in this photo). The next day we picked up the dresses and Lori and Meena wear them in one of the below photos. Lori’s is mostly turquoise-blue and Meena’s is mostly red.

25 Oct 08 Kathmandu cold-goods store. We wonder how cold most of everything they sell can be, as the electricity in Kathmandu is off several hours every day. (Note the sign, “Smoking is Injurious to Health.” The majority of Nepali adults chew tobacco and many smoke cigarettes.)

26 Oct 08 Lori with two lions guarding the entrance to a courtyard. On another occasion we went in and took photos of the religious relics in the courtyard.

25 Oct 08 We had dinner together in a Nepali restaurant in Kathmandu--traditional Nepali food--Dal Baht (rice, lentils, curried potatoes, and pickled hot radishes), and a treat not often included in the meal--meat (chicken).

26 Oct 08 Fruits, vegetables, nuts, marigolds and bracelets for sale on a Kathmandu street.

26 Oct 08 A Buddha built in the wall along a Nepali street. Buddha, yes, but with some added Hindu influences!

26 Oct 08 Here we are at Bishnu & Meena’s landlord’s home. Lori and Meena wear the Nepali dresses we bought them in Kathmandu.

26 Oct 08 This is a non-typical farm complex in far north Kathmandu. Rarely did we see so much brick used in a building we believe was primarily used for farming. We think animals and crops are held in the lower level and people live in the top level.

26 Oct 08 We took a trip to the Bouddhanath Temple in Kathmandu. The first stupa was likely built about 600 AD, with the large stupa, showing in this photo, built about 1400. Stupas were built to house Buddhist relics--some believe a bone of the Buddha is held inside this stupa.

26 Oct 08 Here’s Lori, Meena & Bishnu in their one-room home in north Kathmandu. In this little dirt-floor room they cook with wood and eat and sleep. They have no electricity, running water or bathroom.

26 Oct 08 As hundreds (or thousands?) of Buddhists and Hindus visit the Bouddhanath each day and walk it’s circumference, gambling games are played just feet away. Dozens of shops sell goods around the stupa.

26 Oct 08 Meena and Lori on the Bouddhanath Stupa.

26 Oct 08 This view shows a smaller stupa outlying the main stupa. The evening light is waning and shortly it will be dark.

26 Oct 08 Here’s the last of the pink-orange fading light on the Bouddhanath Stupa.

26 Oct 08 Lori sits with two Buddhist women monks on the steps of a shop outlying the Bouddhanath.