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17 Nov 08 These Buddhas are in a covered area on the temple grounds--there are a couple dozen of them with paintings all along the walls.

17 Nov 08 This is one of the Buddhas in a small building on the temple grounds.

17 Nov 08 More Buddhas on the grounds—two Buddhist monks show in this photo.

17 Nov 08 Still more Buddhas.

17 Nov 08 And yet again more Buddhas on the temple grounds of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Parts of the temple grounds were under repair--the background in this photo shows work in progress.

20 Nov 08 We visited the Zoo in Chiang Mai and found it to be a real treat! We had much liberty to visit the animals up close. These elephants adorn the inside gate of the zoo.

20 Nov 08 These children rode a shuttle in the zoo. When they saw I was taking photos of them, they smiled and waved.

20 Nov 08 We went inside a huge caged area filled with all kinds of birds. This bird and the following were inside the netted area.

20 Nov 08 This is a Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

20 Nov 08 Storks of some type?

20 Nov 08 A Peacock.

20 Nov 08 A prehistoric looking bird. When Lori is angry with me she gives me a look just like this.

20 Nov 08 This bird is a Kasuari.

20 Nov 08 A Flamingo having a bad day.

20 Nov 08 A Siamese crocodile.

20 Nov 08 A baby Iguana. Lori insisted this photo be put online!

20 Nov 08 Long nosed fish…

20 Nov 08 The Chiang Mai Zoo has a very nice aquarium.

20 Nov 08 One of Lori’s favorite animals, the Hippo.

20 Nov 08 Colorful guy.

20 Nov 08 Still, after Lori learned the Hippo was so dangerous, she played with this one.

20 Nov 08 After Lori touched the nose of this Hippo we learned it’s considered the most dangerous and aggressive animal in Africa.

20 Nov 08 A Tiger.

20 Nov 08 A rare White Tiger.

20 Nov 08 Lions.

20 Nov 08 Lion getting tired of cub.

20 Nov 08 Lori played with this one-month old Lion cub.

20 Nov 08 Daddy Panda “Chuang Chuang” weighing in at 297 pounds.

20 Nov 08 Lori with Daddy, Momma and Baby Pandas.

25 Nov 08 Lori driving a boat at the zoo entrance. As much as we loved Thailand, and particularly Chiang Mai, Lori is anxious to get to our duties on Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge, where we start at the end of March 2009.

20 Nov 08 Both of us with an adult male Elephant. He was friendly and cooperative--waiting for Lori to feed him bananas