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29 Nov 08 With the exception of the youngest children, everyone in Laos works.

29 Nov 08 Pushing off.

29 Nov 08 This man sat on the front of the boat part of the way to Luong Prabang.

29 Nov 08 Boat repair along the Mekong.

29 Nov 08 Lori with two young Lao girls.

30 Nov 08 A monastery in Luong Prabang.

30 Nov 08 Lori outside a Buddhist temple in Luong Prabang.

30 Nov 08 At a Luong Prabang monastery.

30 Nov 08 Outside Buddha at a temple.

30 Nov 08 Monks drying hot peppers at a monastery.

30 Nov 08 Part of the Buddhist Temple Xieng Thong in Luong Prabang.

30 Nov 08 Buddhas on the grounds of Wat Xieng Thong.

30 Nov 08 Wat Ho Pha Bang in Luong Prabang.

30 Nov 08 Motorcycle transport with innovative tire repair.

30 Nov 08 Mekong riverfront at Luong Prabang.

30 Nov 08 Again the riverfront.

30 Nov 08 Lori at the Mekong riverfront.

01 Dec 08 We’re heading up the river back to where we started our Mekong trip.

01 Dec 08 Another boat on the Mekong looking from our boat.

01 Dec 08 Our boat captain on the Mekong heading back to Muong Pakbeng.

01 Dec 08 Lori on the front of the boat. There’s no such thing as personal flotation devices in Laos!

01 Dec 08 On the Mekong we stopped and offloaded-onloaded people and cargo. I was so intent taking photos the boat left and had to come back for me.

01 Dec 08 Our last photo of the day as we head to Muong Pakbeng.

02 Dec 08 We’re now on our last day of our four full travel days on boats on the Mekong. This photo looks through to another boat along side us as people pay for the ride on our boat.

02 Dec 08 Grandma and Granddaughter, we think.

02 Dec 08 Moving bags of grain from a small boat into a big one.

02 Dec 08 A Laos woman awaits someone getting off our boat.

02 Dec 08 Lori on the boat. Lori always has a great smile.

02 Dec 08 I love the colorful boats in Laos--hundreds upon hundreds--moored along the banks of the Mekong.

02 Dec 08 A part of a typical small village along the Mekong.

02 Dec 08 This is one of many loading docks-trading stores along the Mekong.