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02 Dec 08 Again, more colorful boats tied up along the Mekong.

02 Dec 08 As we said earlier, everyone except little children works in Laos. These teenagers are selling goods to boat travelers.

02 Dec 08 Again, activities along the Mekong at a village stop.

02 Dec 08 It seems much of life revolves around the Mekong--travel, crop growing, movement of people and goods, and taking baths.

02 Dec 08 Boat building.

02 Dec 08 Colorful boat.

02 Dec 08 At another stop, this photo and the next two show typical life along the River. This is one of my favorite Laos photos.

02 Dec 08 Life along the Mekong.

02 Dec 08 Children playing along the Mekong.

02 Dec 08 We arrive back to Houay Xia, Laos where we stay the night before returning to Thailand. This posting greeted us in our guest house room.

03 Dec 08 We’re now back in Chiang Khong, Thailand. Lori speaks with a woman selling fish caught in the Mekong. Fish weighing 200-pounds are caught in the Mekong!

06 Dec 08 We’re back in Chiang Mai now. This photo shows a fellow moving his clothing stand down the street.

07 Dec 08 We hopped on our rented motorcycle and traveled a good bit north of Chiang Mai, where we went inside a cage with one male and two female adult tigers. (Stupid, perhaps, but quite memorable!) We had a half hour inside the 40’ x 60’ cage with them. They weren’t drugged, de-toothed or de-clawed. We followed a few simple rules and were OK--don’t get excited, don’t run from them, don’t pet their heads and don’t approach them from the front.

06 Dec 08 At the Chiang Mai street market Lori poses with the maker of “Scary Factory” purses. She bought the one he holds.

07 Dec 08 With a female tiger.

07 Dec 08 Here we are with a female tiger.

08 Dec 08 We’re on the train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

07 Dec 08 Both of us with the large male tiger.

08 Dec 08 Lori with university students on the train.

08 Dec 08 We bought some snacks from this lady selling along a train stop.

08 Dec 08 Lori, as we slow to a stop along our way back to Bangkok.

08 Dec 08 Rice fields outside Chiang Mai, along the way back to Bangkok.

08 Dec 08 Our train on the way back to Bangkok.

10 Dec 08 We went to a craft fair in Bangkok, recommended by Josh & Cindy. At the Fair, they sold, and showed how they made, their crafts.

10 Dec 08 This man boils silk worms and spins silk.

10 Dec 08 Thai boys play with one of the beginning processes of working a natural textile.

10 Dec 08 Lori with a Bangkok policeman and his dog.

10 Dec 08 Lori reluctantly agreed to eat a silk worm after I ate one. She’s just put the boiled silk worm in her mouth!

11 Dec 08 We’re on the Royal Palace grounds in Bangkok.

11 Dec 08 We’re on a boat in Bangkok’s large river.

11 Dec 08 Three of many figures “support” a building on the Palace grounds.