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29 Mar 07 This snow storm caught us by surprise. As we traveled from Denver to Buena Vista, CO we just made it through Red Hill Pass to Fairplay. After we passed through, the highway was closed due to the heavy snow. We took this photo just after we parked in Fairplay (10,000 feet elevation). The storm dumped 7 quick inches of heavy snow. In the morning the road was cleared to Buena Vista and we made it to our camping spot.

07 Apr 07 We visit Clear Creek Reservoir (9,000') and find it in the early stage of ice-out. It snowed as we hiked to the southeast end of the lake. This is one of our favorite ice and summer fishing lakes--we nearly always catch our limit of trout.

07 Apr 07 Peter & Lori at Clear Creek Reservoir. The ice has pushed up 10 feet high on the southeast side of the lake. The sun was out but it was about 32 degrees.

07 Apr 07 Driving back to Buena Vista from Clear Creek Reservoir we found a scene we find nearly each time we drive this route--lots of mule deer every few miles.

07 Apr 07 More deer… They meander around and love to cross the highway, especially at dusk--we try to limit our driving to daytime.

07 Apr 07 On this same trip home from Clear Creek Reservoir we saw some elk, not seen as often as deer.

07 Apr 07 We hope spring is just around the corner, as these pasque flowers are trying to portray--we think they're pasque flowers... can anyone confirm this or correct us?

10 Apr 07 We're in Utah and making our way west to visit Peter's daughters in California. Here's one of the thousands of constantly changing scenes of the weathering rock just west of Capitol Reef National Park.

10 Apr 07 Here's another scene of the weathering rock at Capitol Reef.

10 Apr 07 Petroglyphs etched into the rock 1,000+ years ago by the Fremont Indians, ancestors to various American Indians in the southwest. We could get no closer than about 100' from these petroglyphs--the approaching slope was closed and filled with landslide boulders and rock.

11 Apr 07 We're in the Grand Staircase-Escalante area of the national parks in Utah.

11 Apr 07 Oh, the Indian Paintbrush--this, in Grand Staircase, Utah. It's vibrance in life beats the photo.

11 Apr 07 A scene near Red Rock Canyon, Utah.

11 Apr 07 Another scene near Red Rock Canyon, Utah.

04 Apr 07 This is Twin Lakes CO looking southwest at the west end of the lower lake. The ice had just melted on the west end of the lower lake. (This photo, and the next, are out of order--note it's the 4th of April in these photos.)

04 Apr 07 Here's Lori at Twin Lakes just before sunset.

20 May 07 Now we're staying in Gunnison CO and on a hike we found these ants pulling a dead grasshopper down the trail. Their teamwork was incredible.

20 May 07 We found this flower along the trail NE of Blue Mesa Reservoir--can anyone tell us what flower this is?

20 May 07 Again, here's another photo of Indian Paintbrush. We see these flowers in all shades of red and orange.

20 May 07 We hiked on the trail and were surrounded by views of thunderstorms in the distance, but we were never rained on, and in fact mostly had the sun on us.

20 May 07 Here's another view looking south on the trail.

20 May 07 Here's Lori just before firing our Benelli 12 gauge shotgun. She was very surprised with, and enjoyed, the kick!

21 May 07 Here's Lori with the day's haul! We were on the water in the boat at 0615 and caught most of our fish by 0930. We caught five brown trout (Lori holding one) and two Kokanee Salmon. We've decided the Kokanee are the best eating fish in Colorado.

25 May 07 Here's Peter with kokanee salmon from Blue Mesa Reservoir. We've been catching lots of kokanee--after we were given valuable tips from Glen, a friend from Colorado Springs.

28 May 07 Dillon Pinnacles from a trail on the northwest side of Blue Mesa Reservoir.

28 May 07 Here's another photo of Dillon Pinnacles.

04 Jun 07 Ray & Joan and Vince & Judie, from Denver, joined us for the weekend at our campground in Gunnison. Here's Ray & Joan, Vince (& Judie not in photo) and Peter & Lori.

03 Jun 07 Vince and Peter fished Blue Mesa Reservoir and caught eight Kokanee salmon, two Brown trout and one Macinaw lake trout. Here's Vince with some of the fish.

26 Jun 07 Gosh, we're in South Dakota now. Here's Mt Rushmore. The stone sculptures of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln were designed, and the work overseen, by Gutzon Borglum. It's the largest stone carving in the world, taking from 1927 to 1941 to complete. Each face is 60 feet high and blasted and carved out of the granite mountain. Note the worker on the top of Teddy Roosevelt's head--the carvings are indeed huge.

26 Jun 07 Here we are at Mt Rushmore. Just after this photo was taken we went inside the visitor center and came out some time later out to find our view of Mt Rushmore filled with smoke. Hundreds of acres of land was on fire many miles to the south in Custer State Park.