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08 Jun 09 This steller sea lion sunbathed on a large marker in the Strait between the Island and Port Townsend. We think it’s a female, about 8 feet long and 650 pounds.

10 Jun 09 Gulls on the gangway at the Island dock.

12 Jun 09 Gull flying in cabin yard. I never tire of capturing gulls in flight.

12 Jun 09 Gulls flying in cabin yard.

17 Jun 09 The Island water tower from south of the Island.

17 Jun 09 Harlequin duck in Protection Island harbor.

17 Jun 09 Savannah sparrow in a field north of the cabin. Part of the cabin shows in the upper right of the photo.

17 Jun 09 Harbor seals on Kanem Spit. They always seem to smile and have happy faces.

Jun09 Lori with an Island sign after we finished mounting and re-posting it.

18 Jun 09 Lori holding a baby mallard. We were amazed to see a train of baby mallards following their mother across a road on the Island. We grabbed this little guy and photographed him and then got him reunited with his mom and many siblings.

23 Jun 09 A black oystercatcher on the beach. They’re always entertaining to watch as they draw you away from their nests.

19 Jun 09 Today we went into a restricted area with Tom, a gull researcher, and Scott and Peter, auklet researchers. I took many gulls photos in a colony west of our cabin. The gulls didn’t like us around their nests and this is one of many gulls who let us know their displeasure.

23 Jun 09 Black oystercatcher eggs--oystercatchers lay their eggs and incubate them on beach rocks!

23 Jun 09 Today we re-mounted and re-posted a large sign on Violet Spit. We were treated to a great opportunity to photograph pigeon guillemots on the east side of Violet.

27 Jun 09 Lori holds a little black fuzzball, a guillemot chick--today we helped Lee & Kirk with the guillemot research.

30 Jun 09 Today we had business on the north shore of Protection Island. This part of the Island is sheer cliff with the hillside constantly coming down.

10 Jul 09 Often, when we’re working near the shore on the Island, harbor seals appear from ‘nowhere’ and bob in the water watching us on shore.

10 Jul 09 This just-hatched gull chick is still wet and exhausted from it’s couple days of work breaking through the shell. Can you see where the chicks in the other two eggs are also hatching out?

10 Jul 09 This gull chick is just a day old.

10 Jul 09 These day’s old gull chicks are being taught how to scream--constantly.

11 Jun 09 Barn swallow under the eve of our cabin.

11 Jul 09 Gulls flying around the cabin.

11 Jul 09 Gull around the cabin.

11 Jul 09 Gull over our lawn at the cabin.

13 Jul 09 This baby seal was lost and alone in our harbor for three days, when finally, the mother showed up.

16 Jul 09 Pigeon guillemot carrying what we think is an eel to feed it’s young.

14 Jul 09 Gulls on our Island dock. In the summer months we scrubbed the dock daily--and twice daily during the worst parts when more gulls congregated on the dock.

17 Jul 09 A great blue heron in the harbor entrance.

17 Jul 09 We saw as many as 16 eagles in one location on the Island at once. This mature eagle cruised along the cliff of the south side.

18 Jul 09 Gulls flying around the cabin.

18 Jul 09 Gull landing near the cabin.