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18 Jul 09 Gulls on a large old marker buoy.

19 Jul 09 A few of the 70 or so deer on the Island.

19 Jul 09 Hungry baby barn swallows under the cabin eave. Can you see five of them?

19 Jul 09 Black oystercatcher in the harbor entrance. We had many opportunities to photograph birds in the harbor entrance--each time we boated in and out of the harbor.

19 Jul 09 Gulls at the harbor entrance.

16 May 09 [This photo should be back a few photos.] In May we flew back to York PA for Lori’s daughter Kaleigh’s college graduation. Here’s Kaleigh walking across the platform.

16 May 09 Kaleigh stepping off the platform.

16 May 09 Here’s Lori with Kaleigh and Lori’s parents.

01 Aug 09 [Back to Island Photos.] We had good friends Vince & Judie from Denver stay with us in the cabin for a few days. Here we are in the cabin.

26 Jul 09 We left the Island for a couple days to attend the Davis family reunion in Potlatch, Washington. Here’s part of the Davis family.

26 Jul 09 Gulls in the harbor entrance.

26 Jul 09 A young rhinoceros auklet paddling in the Island harbor. About 38,000 pairs of auklets nested in 3 to 9 feet deep burrows on the Island.

29 Jul 09 Gulls in the Island harbor.

01 Aug 09 Looking south across part of the harbor entrance.

01 Aug 09 A large sea star we pulled up on top of a crab pot.

02 Aug 09 At an indian store near Sequim.

04 Aug 09 This great horned owl lived on the Island. We found it with a broken wing.

08 Aug 09 Here’s black oystercatcher Dad, Mom and two young. (The second young is behind one of the adults.)

06 Aug 09 We caught the owl and brought it to a raptor rescue center.

12 Aug 09 We were visited by John (Peter’s brother) and wife Marta, and fellow fireman Kurt and wife Laura. In this photo we’re in the Sequim harbor. We had a great time. Through our year on the Island we had the great pleasure of having John & Marta visit us four times. Photo shows right to left John& Marta and Kurt & Laura.

14 Aug 09 We used this boat often to bring loads of wood for splitting firewood, large propane bottles, 55-gallon drums of gasoline and other large- or heavy-item supplies to the Island.

19 Aug 09 Mom & baby harbor seal and young and mature gulls inside the Island harbor entrance.

21 Aug 09 We’ve repaired our woodshed with a new roof and back wall and now we’re busy splitting and stacking firewood for the winter ahead. This is our first row of 4-1/2 rows of 8 foot by 12 foot stacks we eventually stored up for winter.

23 Aug 09 Blacktail Mom and two young at the harbor.

25 Aug 09 Great blue heron in the harbor entrance.

26 Aug 09 Blacktail buck outside the back of our cabin.

30 Aug 09 Immature and mature gulls at the harbor entrance.

30 Aug 09 Gull with young inside harbor entrance.

01 Sep 09 John Wayne Harbor in Sequim, Washington. We filled the larger Munson with wood for chopping and headed to the Island. At the (Sequim harbor) dock, while we rapidly carried loads of wood from the truck down the ramp and onto the boat, Peter caught his foot on a tie cleat and fell into the water. We always wore our flotation devices when working on docks with the boats and only Peter’s pride was hurt.

31 Aug 09 Pelagic cormorants at the harbor entrance.

03 Sep 09 For several days we used the larger Munson for all our transports, due to our assigned boat being in Port Townsend and having new bottom paint put on it. On this evening, as we returned to the Island from mainland appointments, I stopped the boat just to get this moonlighted photo.