46TH PAGE – Nevada and U.S. Travel 2010

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28 May 10 After the concrete was in and partly cured, the building erection started right away and was mostly framed by the 28th of May.

10 Jun 10 Here’s Kenny and the building coming along. The work slowed and became more tedious when installing the r19 wall- and r30 roof-insulation.

15 Jul 10 For the inside walls, Lori & I painted fifty 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood (three coats each side!), and Ron (our neighbor) and I worked like dogs [why do dogs work so hard?!] for three days cutting the ply sheets to size and mounting them vertically on the walls. Plywood makes a great wall finish and a strong surface for mounting electrical conduit, switches and outlets. Dan, of “D&J Electrical Services” came with the highest recommendations. Indeed, D&J delivered, by Dan’s son Kyle and Mike, a top-notch electrical and lights installation deserving of the finest commercial building. In this photo Lori shows the workshop portion of the building.

15 Jul 10 Kenny has ensured we have a quality building finished to a “T.” We have only a few things to finish on the inside, and to install and cover the water-line and extra-lines trench into the left of the building.

25 Jul 10 We switched gears from finishing the building to getting our truck and Casita loaded up and driving up to Washington State for the Davis family reunion. Here we are in Potlatch WA.

15 Jul 10 This is the garage area of the building.

25 Jul 10 This photo shows the Davis siblings in 2010—from left Michael, Mary, John, Peter, Paul and Christopher.

1984 -- Wow, 26 years before! From left Christopher, Paul, Peter, John, Mary and Michael.

25 Jul 10 On our way back to Nevada after the family reunion.

25 Aug 10 Here’s the mountains between Pahrump and Las Vegas.

31 Aug 10 Here’s Lori shooting the Remington 700 308 Police Special. At 330 feet she made one shot, and it hit the target 1/4 inch from the center of the bulls eye. Don’t mess with Lori!!!

03 Oct 10 We bought a 2007 fishing boat in Colorado and brought it back to Nevada.

11 Oct 10 Lori & Adam hike the mountains east of Pahrump.

10 Oct 10 Here we are with Adam, a wonderful friend and law enforcement officer with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. During his visit with us we walked down Fremont Street in Las Vegas, hiked in the mountains on the east side of Pahrump and attended worship service at the church we love (Calvary Chapel). Adam loves life, and is interested in any outdoor activities and in enjoying people. In this photo we stand in front of a mirror in a casino on Fremont Street.

18 Oct 10 Lori & I met up with Lori’s Dad’s cousin (MaryAnn) and her husband’s (John) relatives in Las Vegas. From left is Peter & Carol from Arizona, Stefano & Lavinia from Italy, Lori & Peter from Nevada and MaryAnn & John from New York.

13 Nov 10 We’re travelling to York PA to visit Lori’s family for Christmas. Here, Lori stands at the end of a short section of a huge petrified log in the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona.

13 Nov 10 The Painted Desert. It reminded us of many scenes in the Badlands of South Dakota.

13 Nov 10 Another Painted Desert scene.

15 Nov 10 We camped and hiked at Picacho Peak in Arizona. On our return from the hike we found this Tarantula. After “playing” with him for a few minutes, I was able to pick him up.

19 Nov 10 We walked down 800 feet below the surface into huge caverns in Carlsbad Caverns National Park. We hiked four miles and spent 4 hours inside the caverns! We returned to the surface with many wonderful photos.

21 Nov 10 Lori at The Alamo in San Antonio TX.

24 Nov 10 Lori in Andrew Jackson Square in New Orleans. St Louis Church, built in 1794, shows in the background.

25 Nov 10 Inside the cemetery grounds on the north side of French Quarter, New Orleans.

28 Nov 10 We camped in the 402,000 acre Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia. While there we were blessed with the opportunity to take a canoe trip--we saw many alligators along the shore, a few close to 14 feet long.

28 Nov 10 This chap sunbathed along the shore.

28 Nov 10 This smaller guy (5 or 6 feet long) was missing part of one of his rear legs.

08 Dec 10 We made it to York PA to visit Lori’s family for Christmas. This is Norah, Lori’s son Keith and daughter-in-law Mindy’s 7-1/2 month old baby. She is a precious little doll.

09 Dec 10 Lori’s parents Gloria and Joe with great granddaughter Norah.

08 Dec 10 Lori and granddaughter Norah.

12 Dec 10 Keith & Mindy (Lori’s son and daughter-in-law) and their baby Norah.

12 Dec 10 The Watson side of family after the Baptism.