47TH PAGE Ė NEVADA and U.S. Travel 2010-2011

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12 Dec 10 Loriís mom Gloria, daughter Kaleigh, Lori, and Mindy and Norah after Norahís baptism.

03 Jan 11 Weíre at Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi. Here, General Grantís Union army fought the Confederate army. On 4 Jul 1963 the city of Vicksburg surrendered to the Union, helping the Union gain control of the Mississippi River.

03 Jan 11 The Unionís Shirley House (restored to itís original appearance) showing in the right side of this photo, was the only surviving structure left in the huge now-Vicksburg NMP area. The structure on the left is an Illinois memorial to the great battles at Vicksburg.

03 Jan 11 A 42-lb Army rifle manufactured in 1864.

10 Jan 11 We hiked in Suguaro National Park, AZ. Suguaro cactus live up to 200 years and grow as tall as 50 feet.

03 Jan 11 This is part of the original USS Cairo ironclad riverboat, commissioned January 1862 and sunk by two Confederate electric-detonated mines (then called torpedoes) on 12 December 1862 in the Yazoo River north of Vicksburg. It was raised from the river in 1964 and partially restored. The 175-foot USS Cairo was clad with 122 tons of 2-1/2Ē charcoal steel. The 102-year old wood and steel structures, guns, steam engines and other components of the USS Cairo were well preserved in the silt and mud of the Yazoo. The Unionís Navy was integrated (the Union Army was not) and the USS Cairoís 175-man crew included four negroes. All 175 survived when the USS Cairo sank.

10 Jan 11 On our hike we were treated to find lots of petroglyphs. This is a few of many we found.

12 Jan 11 Lori north of Lake Havasu AZ during a hike.

12 Jan 11 Lori with a large Ďrattlerí along the trail down to Lake Havasu.

12 Jan 11 We found these prints in the sand on a trail through BLM land. Please, Lorenz and Sue with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and anyone else who might be able to help us--can you identify these prints and send us your answer (PeterLoriDavis@gmail.com)?!?!

13 Jan 11 Lori in a friend Ronís plane. Ron lives in Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada.

24 Feb 11 Vince & Judie from Colorado, visited us in Nevada. Hereís Vince and Lori at China Date Ranch in California.

24 Feb 11 Lori with a 63-year old tortoise from the Sahara desert. Mike, owner of Nevada GeoTech in Pahrump owns four of these tortoises.

23 Mar 11 Lori shoots a DPMS 7.62 in the desert.

24 Mar 11 Lori bakes superb bread three times a week.

30 Mar 11 John (Peterís brother) & Marta from Washington State, visit us in Nevada. We took a hike in the desert in California.

31 Mar 11 We went to see comedian Louis Anderson in Las Vegas. We got half-price tickets and he was very much family-oriented and a lot of fun. In the casino where we saw Louisís show, Marta and Lori point to a ďbig winnerĒ sign, although we donít think anyone Ďwinsí in the casinos.

31 Mar 11 John & Marta pose with $1 million in $100 bills.

01 Apr 11 We visited Death Valley National Park on April Foolís and were greeted with all-sun and super-dry 105 degree temperature.

Circa 1980 This is Peterís older daughter, Joy, on Peterís long-ago Vespa.

April 2011 Joy is now painting insects, as a change of pace. This is one of her beetle paintings.

Joy painted this Nepali scene in 2009.

12 Apr 11 We visited Joy in Santa Barbara CA.

22 Apr 11 We liked our visit with John & Marta to Death Valley National Park, so we went there again. In this photo, weíre at Badwater Basin, 282 feet below sea level (lowest point in North America) and Lori holds a piece of salt.

22 Apr 11 Lori, in Devilís Golf Course. The Ďgolf courseí occupies a few square miles in Death Valley. Itís filled with hard, jagged rock salt eroded by wind and rain.

22 Apr 11 Weíre in the sand dunes of Stovepipe Wells area of Death Valley. Itís a comfortable near-90 degrees. (It was 105 degrees when we were here with John & Marta, 21 days earlier!)

06 May 11 Lori flew to Pennsylvania to spend time with her parents and son and daughter and granddaughter. This photo shows granddaughter Norah, Loriís sonís wife Mindy, Loriís daughter Kaleigh, Lori, Loriís Mom Gloria and Mindyís Mom Roxanne.

06 May 11 Norah's first birthday.

02 Jun 11 Lori & I took a two-week fishing trip to Blue Mesa Reservoir (nearly 20 miles long, 300í deep and at 7,500í elevation) in Colorado. This is the campground (Curecanti National Recreation Area) we stayed in the first three nights there.

11 Jun 11 We stayed at this campground for the next several days and during off-days for fishing, we hiked the Mesa in the background. We would normally catch about 9 fish a day (about five Kokanee and four brows, and sometimes a Mackinaw lake trout).

12 Jun 11 He wasnít shy about making his presence known!

12 Jun 11 This little Chipmunk visited us each day in the campground. Heíd been well-trained to scout the campsites for food.

15 Jun 11 Lori caught this Kokanee salmon. Folks at the Marina told us it was probably the biggest Kokanee caught on the lake so far this year. Indeed, Lori was pretty proud of it--Vince and I whimpered.

15 Jun 11 Vince, our friend from Denver, showed up for most of our second week at Blue Mesa. He took this photo of us.

16 Jun 11 This photo looks west, showing the moon about to set. It was taken just before the photo of Lori driving the boat.

16 Jun 11 Hereís Lori driving the boat, just before sunup (5:55 am). We saw these beautiful mornings nearly every day we were there.