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On 22 May 11, a powerful tornado swept through Joplin, Missouri a city of 50,000 people. The church Lori & I worship with, Calvary Chapel Pahrump Valley, got teams together with two other Calvary churches from the Las Vegas area, and made six eight-day trips to Joplin to help victims of the tornado. I served 30 Jun-7 Jul 11, with Calvary Chapel Joplin and many other Calvary teams from across the states. While serving in Joplin, dedicated servants from Calvary Chapel Joplin gave us direction so we could be used in the most-needed work.

The Joplin tornado hit at 5:40 pm, 22 May 11 (Sunday), sweeping from west-west-south to east-east-north across central-south Joplin, destroying nearly everything in an area about 3/4 to 1 mile wide and seven miles long—25 to 30% of Joplin. In ten minutes the tornado killed at least 158 people, and destroyed 8,000 homes, 500 businesses and 18,000 vehicles. It was given the highest tornado rating of EF-5, with winds peaking at 250 mph. A tornado’s eye (the calm center) is usually a few feet to a few yards across; however, the Joplin tornado’s eye was an incredible 900 feet across. Families were left with loved ones dead or missing, homes and vehicles destroyed, and belongings gone. Half of those killed died inside what was left of their homes.

24 May 11 (1) Joplin Aerial Photo 1: This portion of a photo, and the next three photos, are taken from two large-area aerial photos taken of Joplin on 24 May 11, just two days after the tornado. This photo (“Photo 1”), from an area in north Joplin, shows no tornado damage. Each of the four photos are to scale, that is, each shows the same amount of ground.

24 May 11 (2) Joplin Aerial Photo 2: This portion of a photo, just inside the edge of the tornado, shows about 50% of the homes with major roof damage. A few homes appear nearly intact, and all trees are blown down.

24 May 11 (3) Joplin Aerial Photo 3: This portion of a photo, inside the path of the tornado, shows extensive, near-full destruction of most of the homes.

24 May 11 (4) Joplin Aerial Photo 4: This portion of a photo, inside the center path of the tornado, shows complete destruction of nearly every home. When this photo was taken (just two days after the tornado), only the major streets have been cleared of debris.

30 Jun 11 At the edge of the tornado’s path, a difference of one side of the street to the other could make a huge difference between devastating damage and complete destruction. This home, at the edge of the tornado’s path was heavily damaged and moved off its foundation. When I took this photo, it had been five weeks since the tornado--many damaged areas were still being evaluated for extent of damage, while others were being cleaned up, that is, bulldozed, picked up and hauled off.

30 Jun 11 Homes at the edge of the tornado’s path.

30 Jun 11 Some homes burned after the tornado destoyed them.

30 Jun 11 I’m still on the edge of the tornado damage. This home was moved off it’s foundation and destroyed.

30 Jun 11

30 Jun 11 As noted, 18,000 vehicles were destroyed.

30 Jun 11

30 Jun 11

30 Jun 11 The right side of this photo looks inside of a heavily destroyed area of Joplin, where many homes stood, before the tornado.

03 Jul 11

02 Jul 11 We used this tent and two others for distribution of food, personal hygiene and cleaning supplies, clothes and bedding, and other goods needed by victims of the tornado. We used the opportunity to speak with each of those in need about their experience and loss, and then to pray with them for their comfort and salvation. Indeed, most everyone who came for goods had a story of how they were affected. Some lost loved ones and friends. Many lost most of their possessions and some lost all of them. Several who knew the Lord were brought much closer to Him through the tornado. Some came to know Him as a result of the tornado.

01 Jul 11 We ate breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and held devotions under this tent on the church grounds. This photo, taken after morning devotion, shows a few of those I had the opportunity to serve with.

Jun/Jul 11 This is granddaughter Norah. We pulled this photo off Lori’s daughter-in-law Mindy’s photo page.

03 Jul 11 THE CROSS STILL STANDS. I was told this church (St Mary’s) was first damaged in 1971 and then heavily damaged in 1973 in previous Joplin tornados, both leaving the cross still standing. This 3 July 11 photo shows only part of the building facade and the cross left after the 22 May 11 tornado, and the huge church and church’s school beside it, completely destroyed. The tornado ripped the church roof off and threw it 200 feet. The priest had gotten into the rectory bathtub as he heard the tornado approach--he was unharmed and later dug out by church members.

Jun/Jul 11 Granddaughter Norah.

14 Jul 11 We’re on our way to Washington State for the Davis family reunion. We found Sportsman’s Beach, BLM land north of Hawthorne, NV. We were the only people in the campground.

15 Jul 11 These Golden Orb spiders were everywhere in Sportsman’s Beach campground.

15 Jul 11 Further on the way to Washington State we camped in Lassen Volcanic National Park. There was still plenty of snow. In fact, this was the first day all the roads were open in the park.

23 Jul 11 Lori’s on a huge log on the beach at La Push WA where we camped for the Davis family reunion.

23 Jul 11 The La Push beach.

24 Jul 11 We fished with Peter’s brother John, eight miles off the Washington coast. On two fishing trips we kept 6 silver salmon, one pink salmon and one large bottom fish.

24 Jul 11 The Davis family at the family reunion. Of the six Davis siblings, all five brothers were there; sister Mary wasn’t able to attend.

29 Jul 11 We’re heading back to Nevada. We visited Crater Lake National Park on two days and camped at Diamond Lake, northwest of the park. This photo shows Phantom Ship in Crater Lake.

29 Jul 11 Peter & Lori at the southwest rim of Crater Lake.

29 Jul 11 Crater Lake from the southwest rim. The lake was formed by a volcano--it’s 1,943 feet deep, the deepest lake in the U.S.

29 Jul 11 Peter & Lori at the northwest rim of Crater Lake.

02 Aug 11 Lori with a plane crashed in the Nevada desert.

17 Aug 11 This near-four foot gopher snake was at our neighbor’s house.

1983 Peter dressed like this while working in Europe. (This photo and the next six are photos of the past.)

1983 This was Peter’s personal vehicle in Germany.

1991 Peter with dog Suzie in Maryland.

1985 Cycling along the Potomac in Washington DC.

Jul 1995 Peter and older brother John Davis preparing for a boat dive in Puget Sound at the old sunken Narrows Bridge.

1993 Mom at Puget Sound shoreline in Steilacoom WA.