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Time For My Departure. At midnight, on the 14th of April, 2007 Mom died. The world is a much lesser place without her; Heaven is a better place with her. Mom told us children (five boys and one girl) that she was ready to be with Dad and the Lord. Mom loved the Lord God and had served Him well, honoring Him in all she did. Mom never knew "self." She loved and served others all her life on this earth. (This photo was taken on 19 Apr 07 from John & Marta's home in Puyallup.)

This is Mom more than two decades ago in Dad & Mom's boat "Hannah."

23 Apr 07 At Mom's memorial Mass at St John Bosco Catholic Church, Steilacoom WA.

23 Apr 07 Mom's memorial leaflet.

Mom's Eulogy, read at her Memorial Mass, 23 Apr 07, shows at the end of this photo page.

24 Apr 07 This is one of the casings from Mom's 21-Gun Salute for her military burial ceremony at Willamette National Cemetery, Portland OR.

23 Apr 07 Mt Rainier on the day of Mom's Memorial Mass. Mom loved seeing and visiting Mt Rainier; it was a tribute to Mom that the clouds around Mt Rainier lifted on the day of her memorial Mass. (This photo was taken from John & Marta's home in Puyallup WA.)

24 Apr 07 Mom & Dad' s Burial Site.

24 Apr 07 Mom & Dad's burial site at Willamette National Cemetery. ((Photo Page 11 shows Dad & Mom's new gravestone.))

24 Apr 07 The family at Mom's military burial ceremony. Mom served in the Navy in WW II.

09 Oct 91 Dad's memorial leaflet. Dad died 7 Oct 91. Mom missed him terribly after their 47 years of marriage.

Mother was a beautiful woman, always happy and grateful for everything.

24 Apr 07 Michael, Mary, John, Peter, Paul and Christopher at Willamette National Cemetery.

Mom served in the Navy in WW II.

Mom & Dad on their wedding day in 1945.

Top Photo: 23 Apr 07 Mom's memorial photos shown at her memorial Mass. These are older photos of Mom and family. Bottom Photo: 23 Apr 07 Mom's Memorial photos shown at her memorial Mass. These are newer photos of Mom and family.


Mom and her brother John.

Family Reunion of summer 1984. Mom is in the front row, stooping at center-right. Dad is sitting behind Mom at the right of her.

Mom & Dad in Albany OR 1946.

Family Reunion Jul 04. Mom is sitting in the center.

Mom & Dad in Ogden UT 1990.

Mom at Christmas 2005. Mom always carried a smile. We miss her always.

Some of the family at the Family Reunion of summer 2000. Mom is third from the right.

MOM'S EULOGY 23 APR 07 ++ Family and Friends ++ We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of a wonderful woman, Dorothea Marie Davis, our mother. ++ Mom played many roles throughout her life--she was a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, and dear friend. So much of who we are as her children and grandchildren is a mirror reflection of our mother. ++ Mom married her high school sweetheart, Robert A Davis, in 1945. They were very much in love and remained so throughout their 45 years of marriage. They had six children, all of whom are here today [Michael, Mary, John, Peter, Paul and Christopher]. ++ Mom and her growing family were uprooted frequently, as Dad was an Army officer. There were many separations of our parents too, as Dad was out on maneuvers regularly as part of his job and was stationed in Korea twice. Mom was a very strong, steady person with a practical approach to life. She had perseverance and the ability to move ahead regardless of what life dealt her because of her deep faith. Make no mistake about her grit: she raised five boys! ++ She treasured her family and gave us all security by being there for us. She always had a wonderful meal on the table, kept a clean house, and raised her children to have faith and a strong sense of right and wrong. She disciplined her children in the sense that nothing in life comes free. She liked to say, "Life doesn't owe you a thing!" ++ She encouraged us to always do our best, work hard, to enjoy life with a positive attitude and have faith in God, and to express care and kindness toward others. She was a living example of all those attributes. Mom loved us unconditionally, even if she disagreed with something we did or we had different views. We were encouraged to pursue our own paths in life and she supported us in our career decisions and choices of marriage partners. She clearly understood our individual uniqueness, talents and needs. ++ She let us know it was we who mattered above all else, and heartily accepted our nuclear families into her heart and life. She enjoyed her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and enjoyed watching them grow and evolve. ++ Mom was the "keeper" of the clan, and had a way of reaching out that kept us all in touch. She would always keep everyone abreast of news about family and friends, and would be quick to say she would pray for you, your family, and your friends in any situation where some extra assistance was needed. ++ In addition to fulfilling the responsibilities involved in rearing a large family, Mom found time to do the activities she loved and to cultivate strong friendships wherever she lived. She enjoyed knitting, quilting, gardening, cooking, reading, and traveling. Our home was a warm, simple but beautiful refuge, all tended-to lovingly by our mother. We all had chores and household responsibilities, but she was the mastermind behind the true meaning of home. ++ Mom also found time to generously volunteer. She was a Red Cross Volunteer at Madigan Hospital, an active member of the Steilacoom Historical Society, active for years on the Prayer Line and at funeral receptions here at St. John Bosco, and volunteered at the food bank in Lakewood. ++ Mom taught us how to laugh, how to love, how to give comfort, how to live our lives morally and to listen to our conscience (with a healthy sprinkling of guilt mixed in). She helped enrich so many lives, and we'll miss her very much. ++ Mom spent her life dedicated to God, so we know she is in a wonderful place with Him now. She also looked forward to seeing Dad, her parents, and her younger brother who died when she was 17. If Mom was here today she would say, "Lord, I love you. All my trust is in you. Jesus Christ, take my life, take all of me." ++ We can all share wonderful memories with one another, maintain our closeness as family and friends, and turn to our own faith—that's what Mom wanted. She wants us to celebrate this day, give thanks for her life and know in our hearts that she is happy.

Family Reunion Jul 06. Mom is in the center, first row.

23 Jun 07 St Joseph Catholic Church in Los Banos CA will hold a special mass for Mom on 23 Jun 07 Saturday. John Isom, Mom's brother, lives in Los Banos and attends St Joseph.