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27 Jun 07 This is the Badlands National Park, SD. It's quite diverse--barron and beautiful and filled with colors--as you see in the following photos. The Sioux indians called this land, "mako sica," literally, "land bad."

27 Jun 07 Another view of the Badlands--this photo looks east. The next photo shows a view from just a hundred feet away, but looking to the south west--diverse and colorful indeed!

27 Jun 07 Another view of the Badlands looking to the southwest, just a short distance from the previous photo.

27 Jun 07 Lori on a hike in the Badlands' hills. Lori had visited the Badlands once before--when she was 14 years old. She was as excited as a little child to see the Badlands again.

27 Jun 07 This large dandelion, on the high plains in the Badlands, was apparently wrapped in spiderweb and was the only one we found like it.

27 Jun 07 There were many of these large dandelions in the high plains of the Badlands. Now look back at the previous photo of the wrapped dandelion.

30 Jun 07 Here's Lori 150' below the surface in Windcave National Park in South Dakota.

30 Jun 07 Bighorn Sheep in Custer State Park, South Dakota. We love this park. We saw bighorn sheep, whitetail deer, wild turkeys and buffalo in just a short drive through part of the park. We want to return for a long visit.

03 Jul 07 This is the Custer National Cemetery at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Montana. We stopped here and visited the Little Bighorn Battlefield where Lt Col George A Custer and his 225 troops were soundly beated by 7,000 indians led by Sitting Bull on 25 Jun 1876.

04 Jul 07 We found lots of these 1"-across flowers in Lolo National Forest, Montana.

04 Jul 07 Here's Lori with a crayfish we caught in the Clark Fork of the Columbia River, Lolo National Forest, MT. We caught several of these little guys, all in 1-1/2 feet deep water, and all of them highly skilled in evasive tactics.

04 Jul 07 After catching this crayfish, we put him in a few inches of water and photographed him. Taking a close look at him, we decided only his mother could love him.

13 Jul 07 Here's our Casita at Potlatch WA for the Davis family reuinion. We camped on the Hood Canal of Puget Sound for three days.

13 Jul 07 We found this Goldenrod spider in a flower at Potlatch WA. It had killed a bumblebee and would not let loose of it.

14 Jul 07 The Davis 2007 Family Reunion in Potlatch WA. We all had a great time visiting, looking at a million famiy photos, and eating very well. Paul brought a ton of halibut, and his boat to catch lots of crabs with crab pots, and Chris caught lots and lots of clams for all of us to eat.

14 Jul 07 This is Paul, Peter's brother driving his boat in Hood Canal. Paul brought his boat to the family reunion so we could catch and enjoy eating crab. Everyone got a chance to get out in the boat and pull up some crab in the crab pots.

14 Jul 07 This is newly-married Tina (Paul's daughter; Peter's niece) and Brad holding a rock crab caught in Hood Canal.

14 Jul 07 This is Lori holding her most-loved food--fresh crab.

19 Jul 07 We're now in British Columbia on our way to Alaska. We see these beautiful lupine flowers everywhere along the highway.

21 Jul 07 These cariboo walk along the Alaska Highway in British Columbia near the Yukon border. So far on our trip in Canada we’ve seen moose, cariboo, wild buffalo, mountain sheep and bald eagles.

21 Jul 07 Attracted by salts and minerals, these Stone Mountain Sheep come out of the mountains in British Columbia near the Yukon border.

21 Jul 07 Here's Lori on the Alaska Highway near the Yukon border in British Columbia.

21 Jul 07 We see beautiful lakes often along the Alaska Highway. The mountains in the far upper right are the Canadian Rockies.

21 Jul 07 This is the Alaska Highway in British Columbia near the Yukon border. So far, the Alaska Highway is in pretty good condition. We occasionally hit short parts of gravel, heaving up and down of the road, and pot holes.

21 Jul 07 Here's our truck and Casita on the Alaska Highway. We love the trees everywhere and the beautiful skies.

23 Jul 07 Here's Lori on the Duke River Bridge in the Yukon Territory and just miles from the Yukon-Alaskan border. There are hundreds of lakes and several rivers along the Alaska Highway through the Yukon... lakes, rivers, trees and lots of sky, mostly sunny.

23 Jul 07 Here's one of many, many lakes along the Alaska Highway in the Yukon.

23 Jul 07 We're here! After travelling 2,043 miles from Puyallup WA we arrived to the Alaskan border.

23 Jul 07 Here's Peter at the Alaska time zone change. We have no idea what "time" means here… It's light from 4 am to 11 pm--it's still twilight long after 11 pm and long before 4 am. When are we supposed to sleep?

27 Jul 07 What's the white strip across the lower half of the photo? It's a glacier just west of Anchorage, made of snow compacted into ice, moving down the hill from left to right.