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28 Jul 07 We're now in Seward, Alaska visiting Peter's high school classmates Jim & Laura (they've lived in Seward and braved the "last frontier" for the past 18 years). This is Jim and Lori rafting down a river that leaves from Jim & Laura's property and empties into Resurrection Bay at Seward.

28 Jul 07 These are Pink Salmon preparing to spawn in the river on Jim & Laura's property. There were hundreds of these salmon moving up and down the river.

28 Jul 07 These are more Pink Salmon preparing to spawn in Jim & Laura's river. Note the male salmon biting another male salmon. The salmon at the bottom of the photo is a female.

28 Jul 07 This is Seward's marina. It's a great place to see lots of small and large fishing boats and watch salmon and halibut being filleted.

29 Jul 07 We visited the Seward Sealife Center and found this photographic rockfish (a China Rockfish, we think) in a fish tank with other rockfish. Rockfish live up to 75 years!

29 Jul 07 We found this Harbor Seal floating and sunbathing upright in the water at the Seward Sealife Center. For several minutes, he floated in one spot in the water, soaking up the sun--he didn't even open his eyes.

29 Jul 07 This "Common Murre," was a real ham. He showed off, flapping his wings, and keeping our attention for some time.

29 Jul 07 Yes, the "Common Murre" in the last photo was pretty cool, but this guy, the "Tufted Puffin" took the show. He is a skilled diving bird, adept at catching fish, showing them off, and evading other birds trying to take the fish from him.

30 Jul 07 Here's Peter at Exit Glacier, just miles west of Seward, Alaska in Kenai Fjords National Park.

30 Jul 07 This photo looks across glacial plains, south of Exit Glacier. The plains are flooded with rock and glacial flour (pulverized rock) from the glacier.

31 Jul 07 Here we are with Jim & Laura at Tonsina Beach, south of Seward AK. Jim & Laura were wonderful hosts during our five-day stay in Seward. They gave us a great appreciation of Seward and all it has to offer.

06 Aug 07 We've been staying in a campground in Kenai on the Kenai Peninsula since the first of August. We found this bull moose in the brush near Nikiski AK. He was somewhat shy and didn't allow us to get close to him. The Alaska race of moose (Alces alces gigas) is the largest of moose, with males weighing up to 1,600 pounds.

07 Aug 07 We found this cow moose near Kasilof AK. She wasn't nearly as shy as the bull moose. We made certain she didn't have calves nearby before we attempted to get closer to her. Cow moose vigorously defend their young!

11 Aug 07 This is the Russian Orthodox Holy Assumption Church in Kenai. The church was built in 1895 by the 1846-established Kenai Parish with $400 provided by the Church in St Petersburg, Russia.

11 Aug 07 Inside Holy Assumption Church in Kenai. Much of the church inside is original.

17 Aug 07 We found this cow moose with two calves along the highway between Kenai and Soldotna, AK. The cow kept a wary eye on us--we did not leave the truck to take this photo!

19 Aug 07 We caught these 30" and 26" Silver Salmon in the Swanson River of the Kenai Peninsula. We'd camped out about two miles from the mouth of the river at our specially-selected fishing spot, waiting for the salmon to make their "runs" from the ocean. After being there seven hours and not seeing one salmon, finally we saw the first "run" coming from way down the river--you can't miss seeing them, as they splash and make waves in shallow parts of the fast-flowing river. Peter caught his on the third run, Lori caught hers on the fourth.

21 Aug 07 We drove to Homer AK and took a halibut fishing trip in the Cook Inlet. This is Homer Harbor.

21 Aug 07 This is looking south across the Cook Inlet just west of Homer. We were told this was the most beautiful day of the summer to take this fishing trip. Indeed the sky was dramatic and the ocean was very calm.

21 Aug 07 This is our Halibut haul--60 pounds. Lori caught her limit of two halibut before Peter even caught his first!

21 Aug 07 Here we are with a real fish story!

25 Aug 07 This photo looks southwest to Gull Island, across the Kachemak Bay from south of Homer. We took a boat ride around Gull Island and to Halibut Cove.

25 Aug 07 These were the only Tufted Puffins we saw at Gull Island--we were told there may be hundreds there. We think they were paid to make a showing.

25 Aug 07 These birds nest on Gull Island. Two Red-Faced Cormorant, one Pelagic Cormorant and several Black-Legged Kittiwake show in the photo.

25 Aug 07 We took this photo from Ismailof Island looking west across Halibut Cove.

25 Aug 07 This is the "arch" at Halibut Cove on the south side of Kachemak Bay.

25 Aug 07 This is Homer's harbor.

25 Aug 07 These striking clouds and sky showed in the north as we boated back from Halibut Cove to Homer.

28 Aug 07 We asked fishing questions in Soldotna's Fred Meyer. This gentleman (Bob Cushway of "Scout Lake Bed & Breakfast" in Sterling AK), was buying fishing supplies in Fred Meyer and graciously and patiently answered Peter's fishing questions and then offered us a smokin' good deal to take us fishing for Silver Salmon on the swift-moving Kenai River. We met on the river at 0600 the next morning. Indeed, Bob is a great guide--Lori & I both caught our limit of Silver Salmon. The largest Silver was 12 pounds.

25 Aug 07 This photo looks south of Homer across Kachemak Bay. It was a perfect day with great skies.

29 Aug 07 This is Mount Redoubt, on the west side of Cook Inlet. This photo was taken from Ninilchik, where Jim met Lori & I and we dug razor clams. The distance to Mt Redoubt is 50 miles. 75 miles to the southwest we saw Mt St Augustine spouting a cloud of gases. Mt Redoubt's last major eruption was 1989; Mt St Augustine's last major eruption was 1986. (About the clamming: These are big razor clams and they really go deep as you dig to get them. Jim is a pro at digging very fast and deep and getting them. I'm not nearly as good; for every ten Jim got, I got one.)