10TH PAGE -- Alaska, Yukon, BC and USA (Peter A Davis Lori J Davis)

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01 Sep 07 We're heading across Alaska to start our trip through Canada back to the "Lower 48." This is Sheep Mountain. The trees are just beginning to turn their fall colors. What a spectacular day.

01 Sep 07 We're further east and higher in elevation in this photo, and it's much later in the day. Wow, what colors!

01 Sep 07 Another photo of Sheep Mountain.

04 Sep 07 Yes, this an adult brown bear, a grizzly we found in the Yukon Territory. We were able to get several photos of her, as she went from bushes to bushes, apparently attempting to find some kind of berries. Look at her claws! As Peter photographed her, she only occasionally looked at us.

04 Sep 07 She was a good sized bear indeed. As she walked, she stopped and looked up--what was she looking at? She seemed rarely to notice us.

04 Sep 07 Again, she's spies some kind of plant, and stops often to eat.

04 Sep 07 She's now on the move, taking more purposeful and quicker steps. This is one of the last photos we got of her.

04 Sep 07 Here's the Alaskan Highway as we head east across the Yukon Territory.

04 Sep 07 Along the Alaskan Highway through the Yukon Territory. The fall tree and bush colors in the sun, and the dark cloudy sky creates this dramatic contrast.

06 Sep 07 Here's Lori at the Tlingit Totem Poles in Teslin, Yukon Territory.

06 Sep 07 Again, here's the Alaskan Highway in the Yukon Territory. It's cloudy and the colors are subdued--look at next photo where the foreground is in the sun. The starting fall colors are dramatic in the sun.

06 Sep 07 Oh the beautiful starting fall colors on the Alaskan Highway in the Yukon Territory. We're amazed at how we see so very few vehicles on the Alaskan Highway through the Yukon. Sometimes we drive for 20 minutes at a time and not see one other vehicle. It seems with the onset of fall most of the travelers have already driven south.

07 Sep 07 Here's some Caribou in the Yukon on the Alaskan Highway. See the little one peeking around the mom? We're seeing lots of Caribou but they're running scared and it's difficult to get photos--hunting season open for caribou.

07 Sep 07 These are the same caribou as in the previous photo.

08 Sep 07 We've just driven out of the Yukon Territory and into north British Columbia. Wow, what a beautiful day. The rivers and lakes and mountains and sky never end.

08 Sep 07 On the Alaskan Highway through north British Columbia we were treated to seeing three cub black bears with their mom. What a treat. Her little one's stayed very close to her while they ate grass and clover (we think).

08 Sep 07 Here's the three cubs and mom on the other side of the highway. They were seven feet from our truck and I got this photos right out the window.

12 Sep 07 Frazer River, British Columbia. Gosh, this is our last full day in Canada on our trip back to the "Lower 48." We stopped along the highway here and saw salmon swimming up the river to spawn. Salmon swim as far as 800 miles inland to spawn. Incredible! Does this river look like it's 200' across? Wow, what a trip we had to Alaska. We were blessed with a safe trip up and down and with meeting many wonderful people and making several new friends.

16 Sep 07 We're back in the United States now. Here's Kaitlyn, Peter's brother's (John) daughter. Kaitlyn is about to kick the ball and take it from the other team.

24 Sep 07 We've left Washington State and we're driving to Colorado. This Utah Railway train came around the bend just a few miles north of Price, UT.

07 Oct 07 We're heading to California to visit Peter's daughters and uncle. This is Mesa Verde National Park, holding five major cliff-houses where Ancestral Puebloans lived about 800 years ago. Also in the park are numerous "pithouses" and villages where Ancestral Puebloans lived from about 550 to 1300 AD.

07 Oct 07 We took this photo before we descended steeply on a trail down the cliff and then climbed a three-story ladder up into the "Balcony House" cliff-dwelling.

07 Oct 07 This is the first area we entered in Balcony House, a cliff-house where two clans of about 40 Puebloans lived around 1250 AD. They lived in the cliff-house for only about one hundred years--it's a mystery why they left. This area of the cliff-house may have been used for ceremonies, as no evidence has been discovered that the Puebloans lived in it.

07 Oct 07 This is the second, and much larger, area of Balcony House. The cliff-dwelling Puebloans' in-door lives apparently centered around this area. In the summer up on the mesa, they farmed corn, beans and squash.

07 Oct 07 Here's another view of Balcony House's larger area.

07 Oct 07 Here we are in Balcony House.

07 Oct 07 This photo shows another cliff-house in Mesa Verde National Park.

07 Oct 07 This is a pithouse on top of the mesa, where Ancestral Puebloans lived from about 550 to 1300 AD.

08 Oct 07 This is Elsie Whitehorse, a lovely and very interesting Navajo woman from Shiprock, NM. She weaved this "Storm" design rug we bought from her.

08 Oct 07 Here's Lori with one knee in Colorado, one knee in Utah, one hand in New Mexico and one hand in Arizona.

08 Oct 07 Here's a scene along the highway in Arizona. What blue skies Airizona has!