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09 Oct 07 We're now in Arizona at the Grand Canyon. Here's Lori on the South Rim. It was a super hazy day and we took few photos.

10 Oct 07 This is our campsite at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. This is the last photo we have of our 10-year old truck. Later, in Bullhead City AZ we traded it in and bought a new Dodge diesel truck.

Whoops, what's this photo doing here? Here's Lori holding a nice trout at Blue Mesa Reservoir in Jun 07.

Jun 07 A barn in Gunnison CO.

20 Oct 07 We visited Joy, Peter's daugher, in Santa Barbara CA. Here's Joy, Lori & Peter climbing in the mountains north of Santa Barbara.

In July and August 2007, Joy studied Punjabi art and language in India. Here's Joy in India.

Here's Joy in Punjab, India in Jul 07.

22 Oct 07 This incredible photo catches Lori being attacked by a rarely-seen kelp monster at a Santa Barbara beach Joy took us to.

23 Oct 07 Joy oversaw this mural project in Santa Barbara, completed with the help of eight high school students.

22 Oct 07 This is Joy in her office at University of California Santa Barbara. This is part of one of Joy's Tibetan paintings. Joy paints her Tibetan art on silk, layered on cotton canvas, as is traditional for Tibetan paintings. She's recently started using gold leaf in her paintings, as the Tibetan's also do.

26 Oct 07 Here we are in Atwater CA visiting Peter's daughter, Crystal, with Crystal's daughters Destiny (8, on the right), Klaire (7, on the left) and Leeliana (20 months, in the center). We visited Crystal and her fiance, Rogaciano, and our granddaughters for three days. We had a delightful time.

26 Oct 07 This is Rogaciano with Destiny (left), Klaire (right) and Leeliana(center).

27 Oct 07 Our little granddaughters were absolute dolls as we visited Crystal over three days.

26 Oct 07 Here's Lori with Klaire.

29 Oct 07 Still along the north California coast, we ate our lunch and watched the ocean waves beat the shore.

29 Oct 07 We drove through the redwood trees along Route 101 in California. The redwood tree is the tallest in the world--up to 370 feet, and lives up to 2,000 years. Wow! In this photo the sun was streaming through coastline fog.

29 Oct 07 I struggled to get a good photo of the Oregon coast in the early evening. It was a grayish scene lacking contrast but showed the rugged beauty of the coastline.

29 Oct 07 Here's Lori with a California bear at the Klamath River on Route 101, California.

08 Nov 07 Wow, we've flown to Bangkok, Thailand and will visit Thailand for the next six weeks. Peter's nephew, Joshua, and his lovely wife, Cindy, have graciously offered to have us stay with them in their home for a few days here and there as we travel to other locations in Thailand.

31 Oct 07 We visited Peter's Dad & Mom's grave site in Willamette National Cemetery on the east side of Portland OR. Dad & Mom's headstone has been redone to show both Dad & Mom on it. The cemetery was beautiful with the many maple trees turning their fall colors.

10 Nov 07 We're up on one of the main temple buildings in this photo. Most all the structures on the temple grounds are made of stone with ceramic plates and pieces put on the outside of the structures.

10 Nov 07 Josh & Cindy took us to the Wat Arun temple in Bangkok. To get there from Josh & Cindy's home, we used Bangkok Skytrains and water taxis. This photo shows "guards" at a gateway into the temple grounds. We're having a great time with Josh & Cindy, our wonderful and most gracious hosts.

10 Nov 07 In this photo we look across a small part of the Wat Arun grounds and into Bangkok.

10 Nov 07 We're high up on the 82-meter main structure in the temple. This overly-busy photo shows a couple of the dozens of figures built into the building exterior walls.

10 Nov 07 This photos shows just a small part of one of numerous paintings in one of the buildings in Wat Pho temple. They are incredible paintings with vibrant colors.

10 Nov 07 We visited the Wat Pho temple on the other side of the river in Bangkok. These Buddhas, a small number of those in the Wat Pho, are part of the largest collection of Buddhas in Thailand.

10 Nov 07 We're in a water taxi on the Mae Nam Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. This scene is typical of views along the river.

10 Nov 07 These are dried fish and squid in one of the thousands of small street shops in Bangkok.

11 Nov 07 Josh took us on a great tour of the school they work for--the International School of Thailand in Bangkok. In the school they have over 1,200 sudents from 50 or so countries. Josh is with an "international" totem pole he constructed and had his art students finish and paint. Josh teaches art and drama; Cindy teaches psychology and is assistant principal for the school.

10 Nov 07 Lori just can't stop feeding the elephants in Bangkok! The first time we came across an elephant on a poorly-lighted street, Lori didn't see it and almost bumped into it.

12 Nov 07 Here's a water taxi in a Bangkok canal.